Many people have old electronic devices that they no longer want or need. Fewer people know what to do with them. Trading your electronics in is a great option. Here are three tips for doing so.

1. Check Whether Your Device Is Eligible

Not every electronic can be traded in at every organization or kiosk. For the most part, tablets, smartphones and mp3 players are all eligible, but a device such as a printer may not be. The make, model and carrier may also factor into your device’s eligibility. Check whether your device is eligible before looking for places to trade it in. Search online using keywords such as “where to trade in electronics,” “what is ecoATM” or “organizations that accept electronics” to find more information.

2. Learn How To Trade In Devices

First, you need to decide where to go. People can take their devices to kiosks, such as ecoATMs near me, or to collections locations. Once you know where to go, you can learn what to do when you go. Take the device you want to trade in and your state-issued ID. If you go to a kiosk, you may need to scan your device. If you go to a collections location, a volunteer or employee may examine it.

3. Prepare The Device

You also need to prepare your device before trading it in. Back up any data you want to keep to the cloud and wipe the device’s hard drive and memory or SIM card. Log out of all accounts and apps you access on the device. Disable any apps that can access your device’s hardware or track it. These steps help ensure the safety of your identity and your data.

Typically, people trade in their devices for cash. You can trade in one device at a time or several. Make sure you know whether your device is eligible before you go to a trade-in location.