While businessmen and creators were getting used to Instagram Stories, regular Reels and IG Shopping, developers of Meta created and released a new giant. We’re talking about Threads, which became a real boom in July of this year.  

It has broken all sorts of records in terms of attracting new users and is already one of the main social networks today. Just imagine: more than 100 million people joined the app in less than a week. Threads has become a breath of fresh air not only for influencers, but also for businessmen. 

It is no secret that in 2023 it is important to follow the trends in the world of social networks and always be on the same wavelength with your potential (and current) customers. That’s why very quickly brands and companies picked up the launch of a new application and joined it. 

It seems that everything from Wendy’s to National Geographic is already here – it is even easier to build a marketing strategy in the application than anywhere else. So if you haven’t had time to join it before, it’s time to do it! 

In the post, we’ll share the three best ways to get subscribers (and potential customers) for entrepreneurs who follow trends.

Using Third-Party Support

If you’ve been promoting your business pages on various social resources, then you probably know about the incentives from advertising companies. The good news: they are already available for Threads, check out packages, prices and delivery by link: https://viplikes.net/buy-threads-followers. The advantages of this promotion tactic are absolutely obvious: without any effort and waste of time, you get real followers in a matter of minutes. 

This is useful for both long-term promotion and short-term. As an example, if you need to quickly demonstrate a new collection or start a contest as a strategy to attract an audience. In any case, paid subscribers will become additional support for your account. In the future, they’ll inevitably begin to attract a new interested audience, and your posts will become more visible on the platform.

Statistics and algorithms love numbers, so if you want to break into a new app at lightning speed and get an influential voice right away, consider investing.

Share Posts Everywhere

Cross-promotion is considered to be one of the best tactics for increasing the audience over the past few years. And it works on the new resource as efficiently as anywhere else. Plus, it’s pretty simple – you can share your publications on the main networks (Insta, X) with one click through the quick sharing functions.

Here’s what’s important to know : you shouldn’t make your feeds as an ad. If you post about 10 messages on a new network, share only a few of them. 

By the way, you can encourage followers to your new page through exclusive content or special discounts. This strategy allows you to connect your current audience to the new network as soon as possible.

Post Regularly

Now users see absolutely everything in their feed : from publications of ordinary people to brands and companies. Unlike other platforms, there is no ranking here yet. 

This means that to increase visibility, all you can do is publish. Create a content plan for the week/month and try to publish 3-4 times a day. This way you’ll increase the chances of your company being noticed and getting new customers. Good luck!