In today’s selfie-obsessed culture, everyone wants to put their best photogenic face forwards. The desire to look perfectly filtered has never been stronger than now! Today, people are more aware of the importance of good skin, youthful looks, and attractive body posture. In other words, they want to age gracefully.

This rise in the skin rejuvenation awareness has given birth to several cosmetic dermatology procedures that cater to the clients’ needs. Below are the six biggest trends in cosmetic dermatology everyone should know-

Laser Skin Tightening

It is quite a popular option these days for those looking for a non-invasive mini facelift. This cosmetic surgery method is used to treat looseness or wrinkles of skin on the face, arms, neck, legs, midsection, buttocks, as well.

Laser contracts the skin, thus providing it with an immediate lifting effect. It warms the collagen below your skin, and offer long-lasting results.

Welcome To The Tweakment

Overfilled lips, exaggerated cosmetic methods, and breast enhancements are on their way out. More and more patients want to maintain their face structure and inherited family traits, but with a few refined tweaks. Thus, tweakment is on the rise.

If you are planning to have this surgery, look for a board-certified surgeon or a professional like a dermatologist Montrose CO. They focus on providing more natural looks to the clients. Besides, breast augmentation, implants, fat grafting, etc. is going to become popular this year.

Niche Treatment Is On Rise

Small procedures to resolve minor yet irksome body and facial quirks are becoming popular. These microsurgeries include the use of fillers in the body areas other than the cheekbone, such as tightening the stretched piercing in the earlobe.

Another common procedure seen commonly addresses the space between your lip and nose. It is done by making a small incision under the nose and lifting up the lip. It makes a difference without requiring to plump the lips with fillers.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If acne, aging, or sun exposure has left your face with scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, laser skin resurfacing can be a solution. This cosmetic treatment at clinics like dermani Med Spa removes the skin with precision, layer by layer.

The removal of facial skin’s surface layer helps stimulate collagen production. This method reduces the damage caused by sun rays and gives you healthy, youthful skin.

Combination Skin Treatments Are On Rise

Another popular trend is a combination of dermatological and cosmetic treatments for good results. You will find medical spa practices that combine laser and skin peels to get relief from pimples and acne.

Aside from this, some dermatologists combine skin tightening and cool sculpting with other procedures. The combination of these procedures provides amazing results that are comparable to cosmetic surgery procedures. You can talk to an experienced dermatologist to know which combination will work the best for you.

Hair Removal

Hair in undesired body areas is a big problem! Fortunately, there are laser hair removal procedures that target brown/black pigment in the hair and help destroy the hair follicles. Thus, the hair can’t regrow at these areas.

An expert hair removal practitioner will schedule several treatments, generally 3 to 4 weeks apart. Any body area, including legs, armpits, bikini area, back, or face, can be treated with this procedure.


These are the popular cosmetic skin treatments that are minimally invasive and provide the patients with better results. Whatever procedure you choose, make sure to get it done by a board-certified surgeon or dermatologist only. If you want to become an expert cosmetologist then you can enroll in a skin care course at Clinic Aesthetics Academy. They have years of experience in the field and know which surgical method will fit your needs.