If you have never been to H Mart, the famous Asian American superstore chain, you should. It is a famous cornerstone of Asian American living and truly a food paradise. From vegetables and sea produce to childhood Asian snacks, banchan and stews, H Mart has it all.

Whether you want a quick lunch or do weekly grocery shopping, H Mart provides you with everyday food items and amazing Asian world delicacies. Grab a mocha ice cream or grilled octopus as an appetizer to surprise your friends and guests this weekend.

As you are a first-timer, below are the six food items you should purchase from H Mart-

1. Seaweed Snack

Roasted seaweed snack or gim is Korean nori. This snack is salted, polished with sesame oil, and then roasted. You can either eat it as an evening snack or a side dish. You can also consume it as a wrap for rice balls. You will be amazed at the 3-feet long seaweed snacks displayed in the H Mart.

2. Ramen

Shin Ramyun is the best choice when it comes to instant Ramen. You can find Shin Ramyun black in the H Mart stores that have thicker noodles. The reason? It comes with an extra bone broth soup mix, adding a great depth of flavor to Ramen.

Ichiban or beef-flavored noodles are also worth trying. All the brands and varieties of instant noodles present at H Mart are good; you can try any of them. If you are lucky enough, you might even find carbonara-inspired ramen!

3. White Rice

As soon as you enter the H Mart store, short-grain white rice is the first thing you will see. There is a wall of white rice that hosts a wide variety of options. Kokuho Rose sushi rice is the most famous variety of short-grain white rice here. You might think why all the packaging tends to look Japanese. The reason is, most of the Korean rice came from Japan.

4. Kimchi

Kimchi is a staple Korean dish that contains fermented cabbage and radish with red pepper. You can eat it alone or pair it with other foods, such as yogurt, which is good for digestion.

As most Koreans don’t prepare Kimchi every time they feel like eating it, they buy this staple from H Mart. No doubt, H Mart’s kimchi tastes good; it is recommended to wait until it gets fermented properly. It might take a couple of weeks in the fridge.

Some of the Kimchi varieties to try at H Mart include Country Style Cubed Radish Kimchi, Regular Radish Kimchi, etc. Don’t forget to see the H Mart flyers before you make a purchase if you want to save money on your purchase.

5. Korean Ice Cream

Korea is known for the most delicious ice creams in the world. Try Samanco cake cone, cream sandwiches filled with vanilla ice cream, and sweet red bean. The strawberry version of this ice cream is also good.

Aside from this, Melona popsicle is a must-try. It is a creamy ice pop flavored with banana, coconut, strawberry, mango, or honeydew. You can try the mouth-watering Mochi, red bean, and green tea ice creams bite at the H Mart store.

6. Chips, Candies & Snacks

Are you tired of eating the same old snacks or chips and want to try something new? If yes, head on down to H Mart. The store offers some of the out-of-the-world snacks to try. One such food is Goreabab, tomato-flavored chips.

In addition, onion-flavored rings are yummy snacks that will make you want more. Sweet potato snack sprinkled with sesame seeds are also worth giving a try.

So, these are a handful of a wide variety of foods you should try at H Mart, at least one. The taste and flavor of these dishes and snacks are so good that they will keep you coming back to the store.