Colorado is an incredible and stunning state to explore, especially due to the bountiful of hiking trails. From easy 1-mile stroll at Maroon Bells to an 8-mile hike to the Rocky Mountain National Park, there is an abundance of trails to explore. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, Colorado hikes have something for everyone.

If you have been searching for a great workout while enjoying Colorado’s scenic beauty, hiking is the best option. Below are the seven hikes that will make you go crazy with their stunning views:

Ice Lake Basin, San Juan Mountains

This hiking trail is as refreshing as its name. The tinted blue color of glacial lakes at the end of this trail is just unbelievable. This 14 km long trail starts from Silverton. As you start hiking, the two basins, farmed by jagged peaks and blankets of wildflowers, are waiting for you. Mainly, it is used for backpacking, hiking, camping, and snowshoeing.

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The Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks are 3,000 feet in elevation and offer a wonderful hiking trail for you. Go up to 300 long, rocky steps, and enjoy the breathtaking views while fun hiking. The trail begins from the Ouray’s Visitor’s Center.

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The Four Passes Loop

It is a fantastic backpacking trip in Colorado. This famous loop starts at Maroon Bells Lake, which is Colorado’s most sought-after place. Walk down this scenic lake trail, and the crowd will start getting thinner.

Here, you can circumnavigate the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness and the Elk Mountains. The four passes offer you the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. Aside from this, there is plenty of waterfalls, wildflower fields, and many geologic wonders.

Sky Pond

You’ll fall in love with the beauty of this hiking trail. It is quieter than the other hiking trails and features notable landmarks along the way. It begins at the Glacier George Trailhead, located at the Bear Lake Road.

You will reach Albert Falls first. Then, head to The Loch, the largest of many lakes in the area. It continues to the two lakes that are worth-seeing, i.e., the Lake of Glass and the Sky Pond.

Moonlight Hikes In Colorado Springs

Hiking under a full moon is awesome! Two state parks, Muller and Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, offer moonlit hikes to the visitors that light up the landscape. If your timing isn’t right for the full moon, you can stargaze during the public star party by Colorado Springs Astronomical Society.

The Longs Peak

It is 14, 259 feet long peak and is the most climbed trail in Colorado. The trail boasts a great splendor and is positioned in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Also, it enjoys proximity to large urban areas. Due to its convenient location, it receives a lot of attention from the visitors.

Remember, thunderstorms, avalanches, and rockslides can pose a risk to the lives of the hikers. Thus, in order to avoid being caught in the afternoon storm, it is recommended to make an alpine start.

The Lost Creek Loop

If you love challenges, the Lost Creek Loop is for you. All the other hikes at Colorado are about the views. But, this loop offers a far more intimate experience. Starting at the Lost Creek Thailand, this trail is like a web of several smaller trails.

The rangers mark the ways regularly so that you won’t get lost. Also, you’ll get to see huge meadows, stone towers, and landmarks.

To Sum Up

There are numerous other hiking trails in Colorado; these are just a few of them. Choose any of them, and get lost into the unparalleled beauty of the rugged peaks, nature, and lakes while exploring the treasure of hiking trails.