Are you struggling with your writing fears? If you are, you might find it difficult, trying to write articles on a topic you don’t know much about. This is a natural path for a developing writer. But what if I tell you these writing secrets, would you love to practice it?

If you are ready to learn new writing strategies that can help you write with a more secure conscience, this article is for you. 

One of the top writing secrets you need to know as a writer is that, if you don’t attempt to write something, you will never be useful to your audience.

You need to attempt to start somewhere to get to an expected destination. Moreover, you should know that writing is a process. You do it step by step. You don’t rush things up. You put down your ideas and explain it in such a way that your audience understands you.

That way, you achieve your writing goal, your audience gains knowledge, you gain satisfaction’… That is it. When your writing helps your audience, they will give you encouraging feedback, which will inspire you to write more creatively.

Remember, anything that is worth gaining is worth struggling on. You need to know some good blogging secrets to play the game rightly as a blogger. That way, practicing these writing secrets will help you to become a successful blogger.

As a writer, you will learn so many writing secrets from your writing attempts. One of those writing secrets you will discover from your writing attempts is that fear paralyzes your writing zeal. When you keep writing zealously you will learn this.

1. How To Defeat Your Fears

You will learn this through your attempt. That to become a good writer, you must defeat your writing fears. One of the ways you will achieve this is by attempting to do the more scarring things you fear in writing. When you keep doing this, you will discover that most of your fears as a writer, only exist on your mind, they aren’t the real stuff. This is a writing secret you should know.

Sometimes you will feel your article isn’t good enough. It makes you feel angry with yourself. Don’t go too extreme with that. It is an essential part of a good writer. Every good writer, who is improving as each day passes feels this way.

Good writers are the best critics of their work. They are never satisfied with what they offer. Good writers always want to write the best kind of article that helps their readers get better. They are always audience-centric. As such, they feel deeply concerned about the success of their audience. That’s why you are always disturbed about your writing.

These feelings of dissatisfaction will prompt you to focus more on your writing in other to present your ideas in the best way. That’s why you must make it a point of concern, to focus more on what you are writing than anything else.

2. You Will Learn To Be A Focused Writer

Because you want to make your points helpful to your audience, you will discover that it is necessary to focus on developing your ideas more than bothering on multiple things. Moreover, you will learn to keep your mind glued to the ideas you want to present clearly and concisely.

Though you need to give other things in your life sometime, you will always feel the need to write more than anything else.

This is one of the things you will discover in your life as a writer. When you keep on attempting to break your writing limitations. The reason for this is, you will always feel the urge to do something that will help your audience feel good.

Your happiness will be to see your audience say this,  “Hello, sir your advice helped me” That’s what you will always want to get in your everyday writing life. And your audiences are those people that will benefit from your passion first.

Your desire to be helpful will prompt you to research more on how to solve specific problems of your interests, which will be beneficial to your audience. Although, you might get stuck sometimes doing this. You will learn that asking for help from friends is a good thing. It will help you improve your writing experience.

3. You Will Learn To Ask For Help When Necessary

You will learn to be friendly with people in such a way that you help them and also get help from them. Attempting to write well, will make you crave for more ideas, to do things the right way. You will discover that seeking support from others is an essential thing to do.

In addition to this, you will also learn to eliminate your shyness to ask for help when you need one. This is what many struggling writers don’t know about writing. They think they can do everything just alone. 

Your attempt to write better will teach you that the best way to succeed as a writer is through teamwork. This is actually what can make you struggle as a writer. If you don’t know, it can force you to quit writing.

You will learn that achieving anything through writing is possible by reading. And you can even defeat your doubt by reading.

4. You Can Defeat Your Doubt Through Reading

Not every writer knows this, but those writers that keep on attempting to write better know this. The only way to defeat your doubt is by reading and analyzing your opinion as a writer. Sometimes, cross-checking your fact with other corresponding expert’s views can help instill trust in you, that your work is good for your readers.

But sometimes this isn’t needed, you don’t need to go with the general believes. You can come up with something different that helps your readers get better results. Moreover, you can counter any mythical facts that are false.

However, you don’t need to be generic to be right. All you need is to write something that will help your audiences achieve an expected end. Not just something that keeps them entertained without solving their problems.

Also, you need to create a good impact on your audiences through your writing. In addition to this, you have to make them desire to take a specific course of action after reading. You have to tell them exactly what you want them to do, to get their expected answer. Not what they may do, be certain of what you write. Give them an exact idea of what to do.

5. Write Daily

You must write daily to encourage your readers to get better with their life. Make it a point of duty to solve one problem, or the other, of your audience every day through your writing. When you keep up the pace of writing daily, it will help you understand your field of writing better.

When you understand your field of writing better, you will be able to write authoritative articles, that help your readers solve their problems. It will help you eliminate the possibility of writing poor articles.

In addition to this, writing daily will help you to boost your writing confidence. It will help you build more confidence in yourself. When you write daily, it will help you think more and improve your writing skills.

When you think more about your writing skills, it will prompt you to do further research on ways to improve it. Once you discover a daily improvement in your writing, it will encourage you the more to write better.

6. You Will Always Do What Scares You The Most

Some developing writers don’t know this. They don’t know that what makes them scared about writing is what prompts them to write better. Your writing fears can help you to reword your ideas until it is clear enough for your readers to understand. Only if you know how to manage it properly.

This is one of the writing secrets you need to know to write better. Your writing fears are the self critics that help you scrutinize your work till it gets well arranged. Being conscious of the fact that your work needs improvement is a very good habit to have as a good writer.

When you feel uncomfortable with your writing, it will help you to improve it the better. If you don’t, you will likely write poor articles that will not benefit your audience.

As a writer, you need to know the difference between pride and confidence. This is one of the essential writing secrets you need to understand. When you feel confident about your writing, it means you have justified your ideas to be practically a proven one. 

But when you are justifying your writing base on your pride, it means you feel what you think is the best even when you haven’t tested it out yourself. Don’t be this kind of writer, always sort for ways to improve your writing. In other to present your ideas in a more friendly manner to your readers.

7. Celebrate Your Little Success

Developing writers know these writing secrets that celebrating your little success can help you defeat your writing fears.

When you give yourself the chance to feel good, it will help you build more confidence in yourself. It will make you want to pierce through the limit and eliminate any difficulty that might want to discourage you as a writer.

Celebrating your achievements as a writer can help keep your writing inspirations alive for more creative work.

In summary, the best writing secrets you need to know is to learn how to control your writing anxiety, stay focus writing, eliminate your doubt, write daily, attempt to do the unthinkable, and also create time to appreciate your effort. You will get better with your writing with time.