In this blog, we’re putting the spotlight on 77 Kick Shop, an online store that claims to offer branded sneakers at affordable prices. But is it really a safe platform to shop? Let’s dive into the details and find out if 77 Kick Shop is a scam or a reliable company.

What Is 77 Kick Shop?

77 Kick Shop is an online shopping store that claims to sell a wide range of products, with a particular focus on branded Sneakers. Some of the sneakers listed on the website are:

  • MSCHF big red boot
  • Supreme x air force 1 low SP ‘Wheat’
  • Nike dunk SB low retro white black DD1391-100
  • Travis Scott air jordan 1 CD4487-100
  • Off-white nike air force 1 MCA blue CI1173-400
  • Air jordan 4 retro black cat CU1110-010
  • Off white air jordan 4 X AQ9129-002
  • Air jordan 4 white oreo tech gray CT8527-100
  • A bathing ape mens bape star low M2 it black

77 Kick Shop Review: Technical Details

Domain name
Website name 77kick
Contact Number +8613559206080
Company Address Not Available
Social Media 77kickvip

Is Legit?

Website Red Flags

Lack Of Contact Information

One of the first things we noticed is that 77 Kick Shop doesn’t provide any information about its physical location. No office address, no store location, nothing! It’s quite unsettling not knowing where your products will be coming from.

Social Media Dilemma

On their website, 77 Kick Shop displays social media icons that seem to be linked to their social media pages. But guess what? Clicking on them takes you to the social media homepage! Now that’s a red flag for sure.

Counterfeit Trust Seal

At the bottom of the website, you’ll find the McAfee trust seal logo. However, upon closer inspection, we discovered that it was fake. This raises concerns about the security of your personal and financial data if you decide to shop at 77 Kick Shop.

Copied Content

We noticed that 77 Kick Shop’s website bears striking resemblances to several known scam sites and uses the same product images and website themes. This raises questions about the website’s legitimacy.

Negative Feedback

Numerous complaints about delayed deliveries and poor customer support have been reported about 77 Kick Shop. This negative feedback shows the true colors of the website, and you should avoid making any purchases from its website.

The Verdict: Is Legit?

After taking a closer look, it’s evident that 77 Kick Shop falls into the category of scam websites. With numerous red flags, it’s better to avoid the website completely and stick to official retailers for all your sneaker needs.


Is legit online store?

As per our review, 77 Kick Shop raises several red flags that categorize it as a suspicious site. It lacks crucial contact information, has a potentially fake trust seal logo, and displays questionable social media icons. Exercise caution and perform thorough research before considering any purchases from this website.

Can I trust the discounts and sales offers on 77 Kick Shop?

Be cautious when encountering heavy discounts on branded items. Scam sites often use enticing discounts to attract customers. The legitimacy of such offers on 77 Kick Shop is questionable, and it’s advisable to double-check before making a purchase.

Is there a way to check the legitimacy of an online store?

Yes, before making any purchase, research the website thoroughly. Look for customer reviews, check for verified contact information, and ensure the website uses secure payment methods. Avoid websites with suspicious practices and unrealistic offers.