Travelling is a part of life for many people all over the planet. People usually travel to learn new things, experience the culture of a new country, try new cuisines, and share new places and experiences with family and friends. But how can you stay in touch with your nearest and dearest people and share news and photos with them in the flow of incredible discoveries? Very simple! Today we’ll look at ways to stay connected when travelling abroad.

Sim Card For Travelling

The best option for communication when travelling is an esim. An esim is a chip that is embedded in the device. The chip records the sim card information, you can also overwrite the information as well as add new sim cards to the chip. To manage the esim you need to download a mobile app. In the mobile app, you can add additional services to your tariff, making your sim card the best travel esim.

Having sorted out what esim is, we can talk about the benefits of having a virtual card when travelling abroad:

  1. With esim all numbers are on one sim card, as the chip of the virtual sim card can record up to 5 numbers at the same time. You can use cards from different carriers and connect sim cards for different countries, these numbers you can switch between very quickly in the mobile application.
  2. It is very easy to connect a virtual SIM card, to start using a virtual card, you just need to activate it in a specialised application. You do not need to go to the office of the mobile operator, and the SIM card can be activated when you arrive in another country, having previously installed it on your smartphone. Setting up a new SIM card takes only 5 minutes.
  3. Esim is the perfect option for travelling. When planning to travel to different countries, you can activate a tariff that covers multiple countries. With a virtual sim card, you can arrange a destination country number even before travelling and simply switch to a virtual number when you arrive in another country.
  4. The cost of Esim is lower as compared to buying a physical sim card of another country. Some travellers purchase roaming services to use abroad, but this feature is also very expensive. Virtual sim cards will cost you several times cheaper, while retaining the same usage options.
  5. eSIM cannot be lost or broken. Virtual sim card is embedded in your device, it is impossible to get it out, respectively, and steal it is impossible. Also, due to frequent opening of the word sim card may be damaged, but since the virtual sim card is not taken out, it is also impossible to spoil it.

After exploring the benefits of using a virtual sim card while travelling, here are some Esim options for travelling:

  • eSIM plus is one of the most popular esim connection services. With eSIM plus, virtual numbers from over 120 countries are available for purchase. The most expensive tariff with unlimited internet and the ability to communicate in any country from the list of 120 countries will cost you €200, while the cheapest tariff for use in only one country will cost you €5. With a virtual SIM card from this operator, you can make and receive calls abroad, as well as use gigabytes of mobile internet.
  • The next service is Airalo. The service provides services in more than 200 countries of the world, also there are tariffs that can be valid not only in one particular country, but also on a certain continent. With Airalo you will not be able to get such a service as making calls, and you can only use mobile internet. The cost of tariff plans is different and depends on the country, set of countries, included gigabytes of mobile internet and days of SIM card usage. On average, the price varies from $9 to $89 depending on the days of use and the amount of traffic.
  • Telwel service is available in more than 180 countries and the package only includes services with mobile internet. When connecting, you can choose esim for a specific country or a package with a global virtual sim card. The package for one country costs on average $15, while the global tariff will cost you $45.

To summarise, a virtual SIM card is an ideal option for keeping in touch while travelling abroad. Esim has more advantages than a physical SIM card abroad or roaming, such as cost and convenience. There are many options for a virtual SIM card, they vary in cost, and you can pick your tariff based on your destination country and your travelling needs. When choosing connectivity options, pay attention to whether there is an option to connect a virtual card to your smartphone, as not all devices have the chip yet.