What is the number one tool that conference attendees are looking for today? Traditionally there have been advertisements and agendas on printed documents, or emails regarding what is on the calendar of meetings, speeches, and related activities at the conference. However, the first thing that most attendees ask for today is, “Where is the conference app?” Mobile apps for conferences are here to stay.

Why An App?

A conference app tool designed for mobile devices can be used on any phone or tablet, and sometimes a computer. These apps make it extremely easy for a conference management team to push all the information needed for conference attendees through one place in a combined manner. Additionally, the tool can be updated at the moment as issues, meetings, events, and circumstances change during the conference, making it highly flexible for ongoing management during the event.

Flexible & Varied In Application

The capabilities of an app are numerous, and it’s far more comfortable than navigating a website designed for computers on your phone. From a very basic aspect, like providing a static reference for the related schedules to the sessions available to info on the speakers, apps provide easy-to-access details for better event experiences. The details captured also help management track which members have shown up at the conference versus which ones have not.

Easier Access, Less Barriers, More Income

Features possible include accessing the overall event management without having to rely on additional passcodes. There are input feedback loops that can be included so that members have easy-to-use tools for responses or concerns. The same information can be used for fast reactions by conference management right away.

There are additional side revenues that can be connected to an app so that features, services, products, or conference swag can generate additional income. Sponsors and exhibitors can add to that revenue as their ad is displayed on different pages and sections of the app. There can also be a directory so that members can see who is attending and try to make connections as well as generate new business.

Engaging Audiences

In terms of the interactive feature, conference apps can apply surveys that can be coordinated with speeches and events, providing input from attending audiences. It cuts down on paper and print products, which obviously helps environmental concerns and going green and then, in addition, a conference can also highlight what new features are coming in the future as well as future conference dates.

Apps are also ideal for international audiences, providing the same event information tailored to multiple languages. Instead of having to hire and retain translators en masse during the event, who may or may not be used, an app provides critical information for attendees 24/7, making it easier for them to find everything at a conference instead of relying on a single person with questions.

Staying Up With The Times

There is no question that technology has opened up a large opportunity resource for conference management implementing an app. Today, it is very easy to launch an app in a no-code, fast-moving start-up approach, allowing conference management across the country to use apps without technical development experience. Apps are also becoming the standard for attendees regarding the next conference that they want to attend, especially in terms of the information attendees want to have at their fingertips.

Conferences that are not using an app will soon find themselves behind the curve and ultimately lose membership, which is the critical bread and butter that pays for the next event. It’s a smart move to start early and now, as the world of app productivity is only increasing in capabilities.