The continent of Asia is a kaleidoscope of different cultures, cuisines, histories and experiences, and it has to be seen in person to be believed. The seven wonders of Asia are just waiting to be explored, so it would be a shame not to have at least one of these countries on your bucket list.

There is a reason why these destinations receive thousands of visitors year on year. Join the hoards that travel to Asia to experience it for yourself. Here are five countries in Asia that deserve to have a spot on your bucket list:


Known as one of the most visited countries in Asia, Thailand is a country packed full of enchanting landscapes and views. From lush rainforests and rambling mountains to sandy beaches and cloud-piercing skyscrapers, Thailand really does have it all.

Get involved in the excitement of Bangkok and take advantage of the capital city’s temple tours, luxurious dining, and night markets. Or, take a trip to the rolling jungles and rice fields of the countryside regions of Chiang Rai and Surin.


Filled with natural beauty that is truly awe-inspiring, Bali is the ultimate location for relaxation. On this tropical Indonesian island, you’ll find an unending list of idyllic beaches and opportunities for adventure. The impossibly blue waters are perfect for diving and extreme water sports.

Bali’s beauty extends further than just its gorgeous appearance. It’s home to a variety of beautiful cultural traditions and ceremonies that can be enjoyed by tourists for a more authentic experience.


A land of true contrast, Japan trips offer an in-depth look into the rich culture, a wide spectrum of landscapes and simply sumptuous cuisine on offer. Springtime is the best season to visit if you want to get a look at the iconic cherry blossoms that are the emblem of this country.

From the majestic scenery of Mount Fuji and Hokkaido to the bustling metropolises of Tokyo and Kyoto, there are simply too many thrilling sights to see to list in one paragraph.


There is nowhere else in the world quite like Singapore. It’s a country of firsts and home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, largest orchid garden, and very first nocturnal zoo. You’re guaranteed to encounter one-of-a-kind experiences.

Just a handful of the country’s top attractions include the Thian Hock Keng Temple, Botanical Gardens and Haw Par Villa.


A trekkers’ paradise, Nepal offers travellers truly spectacular views of the Himalayas alongside the wilds of the jungle and charming hill villages. Home to the tallest mountain in the world, Mt Everest, and a centre of deep spiritualism, Nepal is one of the world’s greatest travel destinations.