In the current housing crisis, Backyard homes are one of the affordable housing options available. Not only do backyard homes allow families to be closer and see their family members more often, but they also provide affordable housing for seniors. Seniors approaching retirement know that wages aren’t likely to increase shortly. As a result, they often don’t have the income necessary to afford a home.

Guest House

Designing a backyard guest house requires some planning. Considering who will be using it is critical. Are you building it for your elderly in-laws? Do they need wheelchair accessibility? What size should your guest house be? If you intend to rent out the space, consider adding all of the features of your main house. In addition, consider any special needs that your guests may have. Consider constructing a separate entrance for them.

A guest house is a significant investment, but it’s essential to understand its costs and advantages. A guest house can be an excellent investment as a built-in cash cow if you plan it well. It would help if you also explored renting options, like Airbnb. It’s worth noting that you can rent out the guest house for a few weeks each year. Finally, it’s a great idea to plan your budget carefully since the expense of operating the guest house can quickly add up.

In-Law Suite

In-law suites are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add value to a home and add income. While many areas do not allow for basements, building an in-law suite on the main floor is possible. While an in-law suite is not as standard as a legal suit, it does provide a separate living space without sacrificing privacy. The cost of building an in-law suite depends on the room’s design, the features that will be included, and the work needed to make it livable. Some communities may have strict regulations regarding building ADUs, while others may not. In addition to being a rental property, an in-law suite can also be used for guests, such as au pairs or college students returning home for the summer. The design for an in-law suite depends on the family’s needs and the home’s size.

Garage Conversion

Often referred to as an ADU, a garage conversion for backyard homes is a legal, albeit challenging, way to create an extra room. To legally convert a garage into a habitable ADU, it must be at least 500 square feet and comply with additional city requirements. Some homeowners convert their garage into an adult children’s apartment or a guest house. Others use the space as an alternative to a granny flat. In addition to providing an extra bedroom for an elderly family member, an ADU can be used as a rental property or home office.


Sheds are often built as part of a garden or backyard home. They can be constructed in four different sizes, and there are many options for the size and style. When building a shed for use as a home office, you must take care to make the floor insulated. Installing insulation between the floor joists is an easy way to protect your building from extreme temperatures. Extreme temperature changes can damage computer equipment and paint.

Choosing the correct type of shed will make the addition both functional and beautiful. When building a shed, you want it to match the style of your home and yard. For example, if your home has red siding, choose a bungalow with similar siding; if you have a Japanese garden in the backyard, select siding that matches. While a shed may not be necessary, it doesn’t add much value to a home if it is in poor condition. A shoddy hut can be a deal-breaker for buyers.