If you are the head of a growing family and that small house you bought 5 years ago is no longer able to fulfil your needs, you have a major decision to make; to find a larger house or extend what living space you have. Of course, there are major expenses involved in relocating, probably more than building an extension and if you love the neighbourhood, why move?

Here are a few ways that you can add to your living space.

Brick-&-Mortar Extension

Typically, a two-storey building on the same lines as the house, attached at the rear or one side of the property. This would be the most expensive improvement, but, that said, the property value would rise significantly with a two-storey extension that could give 4 extra rooms. A local builder can handle the entire project, from design and blueprint to acquiring planning permission and handling the red tape.

Loft Conversion

Said to be the least expensive way to add living space, the attic is valuable space that, with a little work, can be utilised. The perfect project for a local small builder, invite him to take a look and he can quote an all-inclusive price. There are local home builders with extensive loft conversion experience with a turnkey solution and the work can be completed in 4-5 days from start to finish.

Modular Units

Pre-fab units that are made in the factory and assembled onsite by a team of technicians. All you need is a concrete base and the rest is handled by the unit supplier, who issues a long warranty that brings you some peace of mind. Start with a Google search to locate Australian modular home suppliers and take the first steps to adding a stand-alone unit that can be used as a home office, bedroom or even study centre for the kids.

Recycled Containers

Old sea containers can be modified by specialist companies to make great spaces that can be specifically fitted out and finished. Google Images can show you some amazing examples of container homes and with some decent ventilation and interior decor, your new living space can be used in so many ways. Click here for 6 home improvements that have great ROIs.

Knockdown & Rebuild

Many Aussie property owners overlook this option; a good builder can demolish your existing home and build a stunning property that is designed around your needs. The first thing to do is crunch the numbers and see if your budget stretches to a rebuild and if it does, start talking to custom builders with knockdown experience. It doesn’t take very long to demolish a property, with a large excavator and 15-ton tipper trucks, then you can start with new foundations and build a house using composite materials.

As you can see, there are numerous options and we hope you make the right choices and your extra living space is everything you wanted and more!