A classic pretend game for kids is playing cowboy (or cowgirl). It’s fun and they use their imagination, interact with others, and get fresh air and exercise. Play of this type should be encouraged. It’s not healthy to sit around and play video games all day. A great way to help your kids engage in this type of play is to put together a little cowboy costume for them. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but a few little touches can be purchased inexpensively and help your little buckaroo feel like a real cowpoke.

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Western-style clothing is readily available and you may already have some of these items at home. Surely your little ones own several pairs of jeans. These are the perfect pants for cowboys. A flannel shirt with a scarf tied around the neck adds a nice touch to the ensemble. To really add some authenticity, pick up a boys western belt buckle, which your daughters can use too. If you like, a little pair of cowboy boots can also add to the fun.


A cowboy is never without a six-shooter. For kids, a simple cap pistol or water gun will suffice. There are sets available with a belt and holster. Roping cattle is a big part of a cowboy’s job. A simple vinyl rope can be fun and twirling it helps build coordination. Perhaps your little one likes to protect and serve. A plastic sheriff or marshall badge is easily pinned to a shirt and can make your kids feel like Wyatt Earp. Every cowboy needs a horse. An actual equine is expensive and hard to care for but a classic stick horse can be a lot of fun and stimulates the imagination.

When kids play, using their creativity, it is beneficial in so many ways. If your children are into western play, helping them put together a cowboy outfit can make it even more fun.