Web design and Graphic designing not only mean designing for visual communication but there are various things that set them apart. However, both require a good understanding of the principles of design, graphics, and typography. But if we compare both web designing and graphic designing then they are different pursuits with different areas of expertise.

1. Web Design Is A Dynamic Medium

Web design and graphic design services motive is to display visuals for communication. One of these is interactive and the other will make it possible to respond to it.  Graphic designing is used for magazine layout, children’s books, and other printed materials as well. But it is considered less interactive than its digital counterparts. Graphic designing is also done to communicate messages in form of images, text, and info graphics.

On the other hand, web design also includes these same but the difference is to create experiences people can interact and participate in it.  Graphic designers create some visual elements like logo design, iconography, and illustrations for web designers. Then web designers have to fit all these pieces together to create a complete interactive design that is user-friendly. Good web designers pay attention to how various elements affect online interactivity and usability.

2. Web Designers Are Concerned With File Sizes & Loading Time

Web designers need to concern about the load time of website pages. The images, motion graphics, animations, and other graphic elements should be small enough and look good if they load quickly on all devices such as desktop and mobile phones as well. Because it takes much time in loading then it will be considered a bad user experience. But the graphic designers might care about file size only when they need to fit it.

3. Web Designers Need To Jump Typography Hurdles

Graphic designers who use any font without worrying about it. On the other hand, web designers need to consider how text will display on different screens as well as on different browsers. However, the font face rule in CSS allows a different range of font choices. In addition, some applications such as Adobe Type kit and Google fonts give website designers a broader typography palette to get creative.

4.  Web Designers Need To Think About The Broad Application Of The Designing Part

Web designers need to consider scales such as typography, images, and other visual elements that need to be get scaled according to screen size. On the other hand, Graphic designers work within concrete terms and specifications. For instance- They create a plug that fits one square hole.

And, good web designers must work toward creating a plug that fits every hole. So that it does not break the design because of size or shape while displaying on different devices. Generally, good web designers need to strip a design down to its essential elements for a better user experience.

5. Web Designers Create A Relationship With An Audience Through The Website Design

Website is successful when it gets traffic and repeat visits constantly. When a website is responsive then it can be easily consumed by the audience.  Through Google analytics, they should also get feedback about the success and failures of their design.  This will help web designers after taking a look at the analytics to do improvements for it. In addition, popular content, keyword referrals, and bounce rates data are used by a web designer to figure out what’s working and what needs to be improved.

6. Web & Graphic Design Require Unique Creativity To Communicate

Both visual mediums whether it is a web design and graphic design as a visual medium of communication involve designing depend on the harmony between copy and visual elements to tell a story.

Final Words

Both web design and graphic design are different disciplines whose boundaries may overlap for some elements. But both have expertise in different areas which is important and useful in the web design process. For more useful information regarding graphic design and web design, you can contact us freely.