Australia is a wonderful place to live and work, it’s a land of great natural beauty populated by some of the most friendly people in the world, and is home to a robust economy ripe with opportunities. People from other countries are eager to be part of the Australian experience, and it’s a dream that can come true because skilled workers are in high demand. There are always job openings in the trade occupations as well as medical, academic, and scientific pursuits.

Unlike some other industrial nations, Australia welcomes foreigners who want to come work, and even stay! If you have the right qualifications you can obtain a skilled visa in Australia that will allow you to work legally, and that provides a pathway towards permanent residence and even citizenship! The Australian Government is happy to invite skilled individuals and their families, and has a variety of visa options available for you! Let’s take a closer look at the process:

Visa subclasses that can lead to a work permit and eventually permanent residency are based on a points-tested basis and are on offer to professional people who meet the qualification standards. For those qualified individuals seeking residency in Australia, the points-based visa subclass is a great option because they are primarily permanent visas! Unlike some other systems, the foreign skilled worker is not tied to a specific guarantor employer or position, allowing for much greater flexibility when choosing employment. The Australian Government has formulated a national list of skilled occupations that they have assessed are in demand. In addition to the national level list, Australian territorial and state governments have compiled lists of in-demand jobs of their own. All of these job lists are regularly updated to reflect all the new opportunities that are constantly arising.

Moreover, the State-Nominated Skilled visas and Skilled Independent visas are not the only available options, there are also Sponsored visas offered by employers that are seeking workers with the skills they need. Another pathway to obtaining visa sponsorship is to have a relative already living in Australia invite you to join them! These are both excellent pathways to achieving permanent residency. People who only wish to stay and work in Australia on a temporary basis might be able to obtain other types of visa subclasses that don’t utilize points tests to confirm eligibility.

It is important to note again that people who acquire the permanent visas can work in positions that are not tied to the occupation they nominated on their visa application, once in Australia they have the complete freedom to work at the job of their choice! No other comparable country provides this much flexibility, Australia offers amazing opportunities to people from all over the world looking for a better life in a free and open society that lives in peace and safety under the rule of law, for many it’s a dream come true!

For further information on obtaining a work visa and permanent residency Down Under be sure to visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs Immigration and Citizenship website. We hope we can welcome you to a new life in Australia!