Aluminum is a sought-after and indispensable material in the construction industry today. It has gained wide popularity due to its unique characteristics and numerous advantages. A strategic step in building long-term partnerships in the construction industry is the choice of high-quality aluminum structures, which are offered by our company TechnoHome.

The use of advanced technologies in production, established production process, as well as combining the experience of developers, architects, designers and other specialists from Norway, Italy, Germany, allowed us to become a world leader in the aluminum industry.

Finished solutions made of environmentally friendly aluminum meet high quality standards and have international certificates. They combine functionality and aesthetics and are compatible with any design, which makes the products more attractive and indispensable in construction.

Reasons To Choose TechnoHome Aluminum Structures

When you need to carry out repairs or renovations, construction of buildings and structures, an important point is to choose systems that will be reliable and efficient.

TechnoHome is a global market leader in the production of aluminum structures for interior and exterior works for private and commercial construction. Our company offers a wide range of finished products such as aluminum sun protection, fencing and glazing systems, as well as window and door systems, facade and railing systems, aluminum profile.

TechnoHome is the best in aluminum solutions for the construction industry for several reasons:

  1. Offering complete solutions in the design and production of aluminum products (including profiles and accessories, architectural and industrial systems).
  2. Providing products of the highest quality, which is confirmed by international certificates.
  3. Ability to manage large orders and adapt to different customer needs.
  4. The use of innovations and advanced technologies in production, modern European equipment, the implementation of careful control at all stages of production.

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Our company specializes in the development of aluminum profiles for various purposes, and constantly improves production, which ensures high productivity and stable product quality. In addition, we manufacture aluminum systems according to individual drawings provided by customers.

Use Of Aluminum In Construction

The material is indispensable in the construction of buildings and structures for various purposes. Aluminum has gained popularity due to its lightness and high strength, durability, reliability, resistance to corrosion and other negative environmental factors.

With our own production facilities, our company offers a diverse range of prefabricated construction solutions to meet numerous challenges.

Aluminum Fencing Systems

All-glass fences, wind protection systems, railings made of high quality aluminum give buildings an aesthetic appearance and make them stylish. Lightweight yet strong fencing systems provide reliability and durability, they are corrosion-resistant and have thermal insulation properties.

The key aspects of choosing fencing from TechnoHome are as follows:

  1. Highest quality and control of materials. The environmentally friendly and lightweight aluminum used in production ensures corrosion resistance and long service life of the products. Each batch of aluminum undergoes strict selection and analysis.
  2. Advanced solutions. Our own production allows our company to implement the latest engineering solutions and apply modern technologies. The use of extrusion presses of different capacities (1800, 2200 and 2800 tons) allows us to create fencing systems of exceptional lightness and high strength.
  3. Thorough control. At all stages of the production process, right up to the assembly of the finished product, every single element of the fencing system is strictly controlled and checked.

Aluminum fencing from our company is not just a decorative attribute, but also an important element of ensuring the safety and functionality of spaces.

Glazing Systems

A variety of aluminum systems for different types of glazing (vertical, frameless, frameless sliding, etc.) from TechnoHome are modern solutions that provide energy saving and comfort, giving buildings a stylish and aesthetic look.

Among the key features of the products are:

  1. Reliability and durability. Achieved through the application of innovative technologies in production and the use of material with unique characteristics. Glazing systems from our company are lightweight, durable, resistant to corrosion, require minimal maintenance costs. This makes them favorable in commercial construction.
  2. Thermal insulation properties. This ensures that heat is retained inside the room in winter and outside in summer, helping to reduce energy and heating costs.
  3. Use of laminated glass. It has reduced thermal conductivity, provides ideal sound insulation and protection against temperature fluctuations.

Thanks to the modern and minimalist design of the glazing systems, they fit perfectly into contemporary architecture.

Overlapping Systems

Aluminum Structures — Technohome

The ideal solution in modern construction are aluminum pergolas, warm ceiling systems, terrace system for the protection of outdoor areas (restaurants, cafes and other spaces), sliding vaulted attic translucent structures from TechnoHome.

They are unique systems that combine reliability, strength, outstanding quality and aesthetics. They are typically used in commercial and individual construction where lightweight and strong structures are required.

Window & Door Systems

They are characterized by environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, corrosion resistance, reliability and durability, resistance to deformation under the influence of weather conditions. Due to these and other advantages are widely used in the construction of structures and buildings. Door and window frames, presented by a wide range of design options, are combined with any architectural styles.

Office Systems

Characterized by easy installation and simple dismantling, our aluminum office partitions are indispensable in the organization of modern office spaces. The systems are strong, durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. They can be made in different colors, which allows you to adapt them to the general style of the office.

Sun Protection

Awning, cassette awning systems, aluminum sunshades from TechnoHome are not just a stylish design element, but also effective protection from sunlight.

By preventing scorching sunlight from entering the room, canopies, awnings and other elements protect the interior space from overheating, creating the most comfortable temperature. At the same time, their use does not prevent the penetration of natural light.

Facade Systems

These are modern constructions that allow architects to experiment with the shape, texture and color of building facades, giving them a unique appearance and additional functionality.

Aluminum Profile

Our company offers standard, industrial and special-purpose aluminum profile, which is used in various spheres. Its advantages include versatility, reliability, high strength and environmental friendliness. The use of advanced solutions in production gives aluminum profile additional strength, resistance to mechanical influences, corrosion and negative environmental factors.

Through the use of innovation, the provision of high quality products and services, the ability to manage large orders and adapt to different customer needs, our company is the best in aluminum solutions for the construction industry. The prices of aluminum structures are determined individually for each project, based on its peculiarities.


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