In today’s digital age, various websites like Rovaens have emerged, offering unique products at heavy discounts. However, it is essential to be cautious when surfing the internet. With so many websites popping up every day, it’s easy to fall prey to a fraudulent one. 

So if you are planning to buy from, it is crucial to conduct a website review before making any transaction or divulging any personal information. By doing so, you can ensure that the website is legitimate and trustworthy, thereby saving yourself from potential scams and fraudulent activities.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the permissibility of the Rovaens Shop website, whether real or fake. Read further to learn everything about the site and make an informed decision, safeguarding yourself from getting duped.

Everything You Need To Know About

Here is all the information and details about the website.

  • Website:
  • Email support address: The email provided by the Rovaens shop website is Customers can use this email to contact the support team for any queries or concerns related to their purchase or any other issues related to the website.
  • Business address information: 1115 E Lemon Street Apt 431, Tempe, Arizona, US. 
  • Contact number: The website has not shared any contact number for customers to reach out to them.
  • Product categories: Rovaens offers a variety of products in different categories, such as Sports & Outdoors, Water Sports, Hunting, Toys & Games, and Lawn Mowers. 
  • Options for payment: The payment options available on the website include PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and JCB.
  • Delivery time: Rovaens does not mention any specific delivery time for ordered products. The delivery time may vary depending on the location and shipping method the customer chooses.
  • Return Policy: The website has a 30-day return policy. The website mentions that the item must be unused and in the same condition it was received. 
  • Social media links: The website does not provide any social media links on its website.
  • Security: has a secure portal with an HTTPS server.

Some Factors To Judge The Legitimacy Of 

Below mentioned are the factors that help determine the legitimacy of the website:

  • Rovaens store is registered at LLC
  • received a trust score of 1%, indicating that the site does not appear trustworthy.
  • The site is relatively new, registered on June 18, 2022, and expires on June 18, 2023
  • No customer feedback or reviews are available for the site or its products.

Visible Red Flags To Look Out For On The Website

You can easily detect these red flags on the Rovaens website:

  • No information about the owner or company that owns
  • The site entails plagiarized content copied from other problematic sites.
  • The products are limited and offered at fictitious rates.
  • It propounds unrealistic discounts and offers.
  • The site lacks contact information and a social media presence.
  • A new domain like Rovaens offering such heavy discounts is a poor business idea, making it a dubious site.

Final Word

It is apparent that the site is not a highly popular or trustworthy website. It has a new domain and getting a trustworthy rating for a newly registered website is even more challenging. Moreover, the site does not have customer reviews, because of which it is more doubtful if it is real.

Based on our analysis and visible red flags, we recommend you refrain from shopping from You should also never share any personal information with such unsure websites. Be aware and alert of such sites and thoroughly review them before making any abrupt decisions.


  • What does sell?

The e-commerce store has a variety of outdoor sports, indoor gaming, hunting, and other products.

  • Does the Rovaens store provide customer support?

Yes, you can contact

  • Will the store refund a faulty product?

No, the site does not entertain refunds. 

  • Is a legitimate site?

The site analysis shows poor legitimacy factors like trust score and security features. It appears that is not a trustworthy website.