If you do quite a bit of traveling or even spend time out and about in your own city, you must always keep your personal security in mind. Read on for some tips and tricks to help you stay safe when you’re on the go.

Table of Contents

Be Aware

Stay alert whenever you are out in public. Notice what is going on around, and keep an eye out for suspicious individuals or actions. Don’t wear earbuds or immerse yourself in your phone, but rather keep your head up, and walk with confidence. If you’re carrying a bag, cross the strap over your body if possible, and keep it tightly beside you. If you’re feeling nervous, carry your keys in your hand, both so that you can get into your car quickly and so that you have a means of self-defense.

Go With Others

If possible, do not travel or walk alone. Get a friend to go with you, or better yet, go in a group. If you do find yourself alone, see if the place you’re at offers an escort to your car. If you are alone and feel threatened, move into a place where there are other people as quickly as possible.If you’re driving, pull into a gas station, or if you’re walking, enter a store or restaurant. Be sure to let friends and family members know where you are and what time you’ll be home, too,but don’t post all your actions and plans on social media.

Use Technology

Finally, take advantage of the growing trend in security technology. If your car doesn’t have an alarm or if you want an upgraded version, call a company that provides car alarm installation Elmont NY. Keep a panic button app handy on your phone, and even consider investing in smart jewelry that looks like regular jewelry but hides a panic button inside, allowing you to call for help.

Your security is a top priority, so learn how to be prepared for anything.