If you came across Sheoun.com and wanted to purchase something because of the enticing discounts, we recommend that you read this blog about the website and determine whether Sheoun is legit or a scam. In this blog post, we will examine the website and identify any red flags, as well as check customer feedback to provide an unbiased review of the website.

What Is Sheoun.com? 

Sheoun is an online platform where you can find trendy clothing items at an affordable price. Some of the products offered on the website are jackets, t-shirts, polo shirts, suits, and tops. 

Website Details 

Here are some details we found about Sheoun on the internet. 

Parent Company  Bin Estrella GmbH 
Contact Number  064110000 
Address  Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany 
E-mail  service@sheoun .com 
Domain Registrar  DNSPod, Inc. 
Registration Date  2022-11-01 

Red Flags Of Sheoun

Is Sheoun Scam? While browsing Sheoun.com, we encountered many red flags that raised our suspicions. To help our readers, we have listed all the red flags below. 

Heavy Discount 

Sheoun lists its products at heavily discounted prices that are not sustainable for a legitimate business. Many scam websites use this tactic to lure in customers. 

Negative Sheoun Reviews 

We came across numerous customer feedbacks that reported terrible customer support, receiving low-quality products, and not receiving their product even 3 months after ordering it. 

Suspicious Association

Sheoun.com lists Bin Estrella GmbH as its parent company, and upon a simple Google search, we found that the company is associated with many scam websites. 

No Social Media Presence  

Sheoun has no social media account listed on its website, which is a red flag for an online business, as many companies use social media to advertise their brand.

Return Policies 

Sheoun’s return policy is also very concerning. To return an order, the customer has to ship it back to Sheoun and pay for the hefty shipping cost to get a replacement. 

Poor Customer Support 

Sheoun has a poor customer support system. The number they have provided on their website is unreachable, and they do not respond to emails promptly.

Is Sheoun Legit?: Verdict After Analyzing Sheoun Reviews

We recommend that you should avoid purchasing anything from Sheoun.com as there is a significant risk of falling victim to a scam and compromising your sensitive information. Upon analyzing several Sheoun reviews we have concluded that Sheoun scam is real and the website must not be trusted. Always shop from trusted online stores with a good history and avoid shopping from websites like Sheoun.com. 


Can I return the items purchased from Sheoun? 

You can return the items purchased from Sheoun, but the return policy of Sheoun is very tedious, and the shipping charges can cost even more than the item’s worth.

Should I be concerned about providing personal information to Sheoun.com? 

You should avoid providing your personal information to Sheoun, as the website is very suspicious and scammers can sell your personal data to data brokers for extra profits. 

Are the discounted prices on Sheoun genuine? 

No, the discounted prices on Sheoun are not accurate and are used to trick customers into the scam. 

Is Sheoun.com Legit?

No, Sheoun isn’t legit and definitely not a website worth sharing your personal information with. Extreme precautions must be taken before engaging with the website.