Caring for your human hair wig is loving your human hair wig. We all love human hair wigs, so we have to dedicate our time, energy, and effort to caring for them after spending a significant amount of money in getting them.

Several wig websites and vendors have their ideas about wig care tips, but you’d get a lot more with a little extra after going through this post.

The tips we’ve penned down are gotten from top wig experts and from individual experiences over time. You are in to learn years of experience in one sitting. Just don’t stand up or skip yet.

We begin!

Why Are These Wigs Called Human Hair Wigs?

In colleges, institutions, clinics, meetings, and workspaces, it is common to hear people talk about the trendy ‘Human hair wigs’, from the various lengths (10’, 12’, 14’) to DD (Double drawn), SDD (Super double drawn), HD (High definition), headband wig, bone straight hair, etc. In terms of color, we often hear colors like brown, gold, blonde, etc. A lot of women have at least one of these wigs in their collections. It is proven.

These wigs are ‘Human hair wigs’ because they are derived from the hair of a human, male or female. You see, that accounts for why these wigs when worn correctly, look exactly like the hair you were born with. It is beneficial to alopecia patients because he or she does not have to worry about looks anymore. These wigs will serve the same purpose that natural hair does.

The Trendy Human Hair Wig Care Routine

Yes, there’s a standard routine for wigs, just like we do the same for our nails and skincare. This routine is essential in maintaining our wig strands to an optimum level, preserving its shine and intrinsic glow that could blind the eyes (not literally). If you don’t have a specific routine for your wigs, adopt one today and start immediately.

To make sure that these wigs last a lifetime, check out our list below to get updated on what you should do on every wash day.

Detangle Your Wig With Your Finger Or A Comb

Once you throw your wig into a bowl of water without taking time to detangle it section by section, be prepared to have clean but jumbled strands of hair. Funny enough, it gets more difficult to detangle after washing. Spend some minutes doing this early, to avoid regrets and hair loss. Try not to use a brush to detangle, it makes it worse.

Wash With A Quality Shampoo

Don’t just buy any shampoo that is sold in the market or wig shop. Take your time to check reviews from different clients and customers online. Ordinary and clarifying shampoos may end up doing more harm than good, as they might strip the hair of all its vitamins and essential oils.

Better still, contact a dermatologist (trichologist), wig experts, or the wig’s manufacturer to know what would suit your human hair wig best. Some of these consultations are free. So, best of luck with it.

Apply Conditioner For Extra Moisture

We have discovered over time that some ladies do not understand what a conditioner does on a wig. If you check with the product’s vendors, the regular conditioners and the deep conditioners are often available. While the former adds temporary moisture to the hair, the latter adds more intense moisture that sits on the hair for a longer time.

While choosing a conditioner, ensure that you know the requirements that your wig needs. There’s no crime in giving your wig all the moisture that it needs; it loves water too. Take your time and use the recommended conditioner on the wig. Leave it for 2-3 minutes. Rinse and get rid of the excess water.

Handle Your Human Hair Wig With Great Care

Some people comb their wigs like they are fighting. Take it easy. Once your human hair wig is dried, it becomes easier to manage. You no longer need a lot of energy to comb through. Buy a good brush that will be soothing on the dried hair strands if you can. Divide it into sections, to make it easier and faster.

Avoid Over-Styling & Using Heat Frequently

As much as you love trying out different styles with your wigs, avoid doing it too much. Because it will lead to damage. The high temperatures and frequent stress on the hair strands are not conducive for the wig to stay healthy. Do it, but with moderation. Always devise a means to protect your wigs at all costs.

Some recommended heat protectants include: Bumble and Bumble heat shield thermal protect, Kerastase Nectar Thermique heat protecting cream and Tresemme protecting heat spray.

Regular Visits To A Wig Professional

This is ideal if you have the money and the time to spare. The outcome after such visits is entirely worth it. Instead of trying out some of these at home yourself, it’s sometimes best to meet more experienced hands. A wig professional will also guide you on any other issue or worries you have with your wig.

Do Not Throw Your Wigs Around

Instead of throwing your wigs on the tables, chairs, and beds, buy a good wig stand that will keep your wig in form all through the night. Careless keeping of your wigs can spoil the hair before one can even realize it. Make an intentional decision to always ensure that once you get home, your wigs are removed and kept in the right place. You can do this.

Avoid Coloring Your Human Hair Wig Often

We all love to look different at some point. Nevertheless, when applying colors or any chemical on your wigs, do it minimally. If you can avoid it, it’s best. This is because most of those chemicals get into the hair, weaken the strands, and cause it to shed off before time. Be cautious when opting to try this out.

Do Not Swim With Your Human Hair Wig

As fun as it will be, swirling your wig from side to side amid the waters is exciting and lovely. But then, in the long run, you’re ignorantly damaging your hair. Because too much water is bad for the wig. In addition, several chemicals found in the swimming pool could cause an adverse reaction when they come in contact with your human hair wig.

The changes might not happen immediately, but they’d eventually happen over time.


The secret to long-lasting human hair wigs is premium maintenance and care routine. You cannot skip this. We often encourage those who purchase wigs from Cynosure Hair to do their part by caring for their wigs if they want them to last longer. Adding your bit to a quality human hair wig will equal a healthy wig.