ReactJS is a phenomenal technology powering businesses for its JavaScrit coding, developer tools, cross-platform support, UI-focused iterative design, and more. ReactJS is well in demand, irrespective of enterprise size. Be it single-page applications, mobile apps, or server-rendered apps, ReactJS is an ideal choice for the base.

How To Choose The Best ReactJs Development Company?

When hundreds of development companies claim to be the best, choosing the one suitable for you becomes cumbersome. Knowing about “what is iterative design”, and choosing the tool is not enough. You need experts who can use the JavaScript library in the best possible manner.

The team should use the JavasScript library that is efficient, declarative, and scalable for handling view layers for apps and reusable UI components.

Make A Detailed Requirement Sheet

When you need to know your requirements, choosing one agency becomes easy. Keep every business stakeholder in mind, and frame a detailed report of your requirements. That document serves as a base for any discussion over selecting the agency. The agencies also get to know what they should have to crack a deal with you.

Check Their Past Works

The past does not guarantee the future; it indeed gives a sense of assurance. Feel free to ask ReactJs development companies to share their best work. Make sure they have experience in your required niches.

Check Online Reviews & Testimonials

Why trust unquestionably when you may get some insights by deep digging? Those reviews and testimonials build trust about your work being handled by efficient hands. It’s also pertinent to mention that all reviews may or may not be true. So whatever information you get, relate it with other information and then decide on selection or rejection. Make sure the company has exposure to iterative design.

Focus On Value For Money

Cost is a driver that may attract you to a particular ReactJs company. However, it could be better to focus only on prices. The best approach is to compare the agencies and pick the promising one that delivers value for money.

Discuss All The Major Terms

The development also includes pre-service, post-service, testing, support system, security infrastructure, use of multiple paid/free tools, timeline, and more. The process is only successful when you discuss everything in detail, closing the door for future conflicts.

Ask For One-On-One Interaction With Developers

ReactJs development can only be the best with a proficient team. So why not talk to the end person who will work on your project? Ask the agency to facilitate the interaction with developers. If they agree, that implies their genuineness in delivering quality work. Make sure to talk about the iterative design during the project.

Big Companies Using ReactJs

The prominent reason for its popularity is its acceptance by the world’s best tech giants. Here are the top 6 companies using ReactJS.


Probably, no digitally literate person has not heard the name “Facebook”. With Its over 2.85 billion users worldwide, it helps us remain connected with family, friends, and more anytime, anywhere. Facebook uses React Native for its iOS and Android apps.


One company that started the binge-watching revolution in the world is Netflix. ReactJS is useful for Netflix to solve the problem of low performance on various devices. Netflix publicly accepted that React assisted in tackling long-burning issues and enabled improved modularity, runtime performance, and others.


Another competitor of Facebook and owned by the same parent company, ‘Meta”, Instagram is known for its UI and UX, and iterative design. Instagram changed to React Native to make maintaining the app accessible for the company.


By that time, is Meta or previously Facebook using React with every app? So yes! Though ReactJS is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library, Meta maintains it.

WhatsApp uses ReactJS to build a user interface with Facebook, its sister company. Though it also uses some of the most efficient engines like Underscore.JS and Velocity.JS, ReactJS plays a significant role in its popularity by delivering an exceptional user experience.


Airbnb transformed the way we travel and live around the world. Once, the research team of Airbnb said that over 60 engineers of ReactJS worked designing and developing its applications. The team made the best use of the reusability features of ReactJS during coding.


Discord is a free voice and chat app that is particularly famous among gamers. Discord used ReactJS for iterative design and to share code on iOS and Android. The apps enable real-time chatting among teams and the flexibility to check availability for net catch-up conversations.


To beat the competition, you need to use better technology proficiently. ReactJS undoubtedly assures better performance; however, you need a helping hand. Go for ReactJs development  company which can understand the core of your businesses and can help give you an edge over others. It’s vital to have a team of experts on your side for migration, integration, development, testing, iterative design, support, and more.