Any medical practitioner in Australia will always tell you that you need to keep yourself flexible and in good shape the older you get. If you are an active person right now then it’s probably down to your age and the fact that you enjoy exercising and you enjoy performing weight routines as well. Just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be putting things into place to reduce your stress and anxiety levels so that you can better manage them. We all work very hard now so that we can enjoy our retirement years when we turn the state-mandated age at that point. Many people don’t know that you lose muscle mass quite early in your life and it continues to happen unless you do something about it.

It’s all down to you because nobody else can do this for you but the good news is that many people want to give something back to the community and so they take on occupational therapist jobs so that they can provide people like you with the help that they need to keep themselves mobile for longer. It always makes sense to visit your local occupational therapist on a regular basis to keep yourself limber and to keep yourself flexible. This is just one way that you can keep your mobility as you grow older and the following are just some others.

  • Start reducing the intensity – Sometimes it’s hard to accept the fact that you are getting older and so you want to push ahead with your exercise routines much like you did in your early 20s and 30s. You have to accept that you’re going to slow down as you get older and so start moving away from high-impact exercise and begin to do things that are easier on your joints. This is why low intensity exercise should be your go-to routine every single day and so a long walk or going for a swim are enough to keep you in good shape and to encourage good blood circulation.
  • Squeeze in 30 minutes every day – You have to stop making the excuse that you don’t have 30 minutes to spare for every day of your life because this doesn’t make any sense at all. Any medical practitioner will tell you as long as you exercise for 30 minutes a day and you get your heart pumping and your blood flowing and this should be sufficient to keep you in good shape. If you can extend it a little longer maybe by about another 15 minutes then that would be perfect. This is something that you have to do yourself and is one of those times when you can’t pay someone else to do it for you.

By following these pieces of advice, there is no reason why you can’t be as flexible and limber as you always have been. You won’t be able to enjoy those retirement years, so take action today.