If you are planning to launch a business this year, this article was written with you in mind. On the positive side, it has never been easier to register a small business, yet that doesn’t automatically guarantee success. There are many variables involved in the business arena and with that in mind, here are a few top tips to ensure that your venture gets off to a positive start.

Write A Comprehensive Business Plan

It matters not what industry you are in, you need to compile a comprehensive plan on how you intend to carve out a share of the market. A good business plan would begin with an overview of the organisation, followed by a detailed listing of startup costs and a section on marketing strategies.

Labels, Stickers & Promotional Literature

While we all know the value of digital marketing, we should not forget traditional strategies and with customer sticker printing at E Stickers, you can design your very own vinyl stickers and even large stickers for commercial vehicles and retail stores.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google is the number 1 search engine that millions of online consumers use on a daily basis to source products and services, which means you want your website to be fully optimised for all major search engines. Due to the fact that the web is constantly changing, SEO services need to be ongoing and by hiring a leading Australian SEO agency, you can drive organic traffic directly to your landing page.


Of course, funding is critical, especially for a new enterprise and when you crunch the numbers to find out the cost of launching the business, add at least 30% for unexpected expenses. All it takes is a few unpaid invoices to bring your balance down to zero and without some back up money, you would be in serious trouble financially. If you have kids, here is some information on healthy eating.

Build A Business Website

Even a one-man band should have a business website and without it, you have zero credibility. Talk to a local web designer who can take your concept and create a digital platform, which will be your online portal to the world.


This should be started during the planning stages and every dollar you spend should be recorded in a spreadsheet by hiring a local bookkeeper on a weekly basis, all transactions are logged, which makes it easy for the accountant to do his work.

Focus On Customer Service

If you make a point of ensuring that every customer is happy, no matter what the cost, your future will look rosy. Word of mouth is a powerful way to market something and by paying close attention to the customer experience, your business will rapidly gain a reputation.

Once you have registered the business with the Australian government, take out a few insurance policies to minimise risks.