Your hair is one of your most prominent features. That’s why keeping your look fresh with regular trims, texture additions, and other salon services is important.

Here are some trendy cuts you can try at your local hair salon Montgomery, NJ, to leave a lasting impression this year. From side-swept bangs to shag-inspired layers, there’s something for everyone!

Side-Swept Bangs

If you’re looking for a new bang style, side-swept fringe is a flattering, youthful option that suits any face shape. It also works with various hair textures and lengths, including curly, wavy, and straight strands.

Ask your stylist for a few layers that blend perfectly with your longer hair to get the look. Then, dry and tease your bangs with a texture spray to add a touch of volume and a cool-girl, woke-up-like vibe. The result is a polished, feminine style that frames your face beautifully.

Flippy Layers

If you’re looking for a flattering cut that also takes a bit of the effort out of styling your hair, ask your stylist about flippy layers. Face-framing layers that gently taper into a low ponytail look effortlessly chic and are an on-trend choice for women of all ages.

Long layered hair looks super-glamorous when wavy or curled, and it’s the perfect haircut for fine hair. Feathered strands lift your roots and create depth and movement. Pair your layered style with voluminous curtain bangs for a truly chic look.

Shag-Inspired Layers

The shag has a punky vibe and can look amazing in several colors. Ask your stylist to add choppy layers that are longer at the top and shorter near the crown for a natural-looking textured finish.

Asymmetrical shags, or wolf cuts, are another rocker chic style that brings to mind iconic 80s rock stars. Try this layered cut with face-framing bangs for a feminine and flirty look. Pair this haircut with a copper-toned blonde for a stunning color that will stand out.

Long Curls

Curly hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Curly strands are a great way to add volume and fullness, but they can also be inconsistent and hard to control.

Try a delicate Dutch braid with a few blingy hair pins and loose curls to create a charming look that will turn heads.

Give a classic bob or lob a modern update with subtle curtain bangs. This trending style gives off Y2K vibes and is perfect for showing off a new hair color.

A-Line Cut

Previously a major trend, A-line styles have been revamped and refined for the new season. A-line haircuts graze the shoulders and accentuate jawlines without being too dramatic.

For those with thin hair, try a piece-y A-line cut with distinct and subtle layers to make your strands appear fuller. You can also add highlights or lowlights for dimension and a chic pop of color.

For a more feminine flair, you can even go with a curly A-line style that combines long front sections with short back strands for a naughty but sophisticated look. Pair it with a side part for added impact.

Icy Blonde

Achieving a bright platinum color requires a lot of bleach, which can damage your hair. A more subtle option is ice blonde, a frosty tone that blends silver and ash for a natural-looking look.

Icy blonde is a flattering shade for those with cool-toned skin and eyes. It also looks stunning when paired with a blunt bob or pixie cut.

To keep your icy blonde looking fresh, use a purple shampoo like Barcelona by Pulp Riot to combat brassy tones and prevent fading. It’s important to do regular deep conditioning treatments and weekly hair masks to keep your strands healthy.


After blunt and bottleneck bobs were all the rage last year, we’re into a shaggier way of shearing strands this season. Ask your stylist for a layered cut that plays up your natural texture with alluring face-framing layers and curtain bangs.

Curly hair can be difficult to maintain, but the right haircut can look effortlessly cool and effortless. Try a pixie with shag-inspired layering and wispy bangs for a refreshed cut, whether you have short or long curls.