Life is to be happy and enjoy. Society and social relations are really important to enjoy life and have fun. Fun companies add an extra charm to your parties, events, and even daily lives.

Do you remember the days when we used to take a leave from our school because our friends weren’t coming? It explains how crucial it is to make friends. When daily lives and routine feel unimportant without friends, how would the entire life be? 

There’s no trick to making friends. It’s just simple talks and coincidences that build such strong bonds. But of course, you need to choose your company wisely because the people around you will greatly impact your lifestyle.

We all have made numerous friends. We can still rely upon some, and some are merely contacts saved on the phone to exchange birthday wishes twice a year. Then there are those types of friends who we call our enemies now. These are the people who made us strong mentally and emotionally. But, unfortunately, such a class of friends or enemies, whatever you can call it, made us feel so betrayed at some older phases of our life that trusting someone became hard afterward. That’s why parents say choose your friends wisely.

I agree there are hundreds of people out there who will become different types of friends to each other. There must be some friend in your life who you didn’t even expect to be in the initial days, and then there is somebody you found a separated sibling in. Always remember not everybody out there is like you. Interact and explore through new people but trust them after a period.

Let’s do an interesting activity and celebrate friendship by remembering our different friends. I am pretty sure you will have at least a name in your mind to classify into each category of the below-mentioned types of friends.

First Friend Or Childhood Friend

Of course, you were young when you made your first friend. But that friend was the one who made you sense this new emotion of friendship in your childhood days. These are the ones we grew up with. We explored all our childhood with them.

We played all childhood games with them. Then, we started going to school with them. It is the age when your minds are raw, and there’s no cunningness or manipulative feelings in our minds. Thus first childhood friends are the ones who will grow up with us both physically and mentally, so they will always be loyal and helpful.

Acquaintance Friend

These are the types of friends who act as formal acquaintances. They will greet you. Their sign is talking sweetly and showing interest in your little small daily things. They are not very serious or close ones.

If you are a student in a college, you can categorize the classmates talking to you about random things and greeting you everyone they cross you in this category. You won’t call them in the hour of need, nor will they. 

Fake Friends: The Teachers Of Lifetime

These are the types of friends we met at a phase of life and trusted them like anything. We opened our hearts to them and what we got in return was a betrayal. Usually, such types of friends enter our lives when we are really young and immature. 

These break our trust so much that trusting others becomes our concern afterward. Here’s where our mental and emotional growth starts.

Party Friends: To Add Fun To Your Life

These types of friends merely add an element of fun to our lives. They meet us at moments like parties or get-togethers. Life feels very light with them. Drinking, eating, dancing, and vibing are what we do with them.

You are very well aware of the fact that neither they remember you at the time of need nor will you. These people are like a new wave of fun to your boring daily lives.

Friend For A Phase Of Our Life: With A Thousand Memories To Cherish 

Most friends belong to this category. They are everything for us but for a limited period. Of course, you are always aware of this fact, but they enter different phases of our lives and make it more beautiful. 

Do you remember a big group of friends you made in your college? It was hard to imagine even a day in college without them. Every weekend was dedicated to boozing and grooving. They gave you hundreds of memories to cherish throughout your lives.

But they are merely some saved contacts in your phone now. You used to have long calls exceeding time limits during those times, but now there are just a few birthday wishes exchanged in WhatsApp conversations, right? Of course, you were even aware of this fact beforehand, but this is how life moves on. Old people leave, and spaces for new ones are created.

Fickle-Minded Friends

Some people in our lives spend time with us on a few days and don’t even talk to us on a few other days. These friends and the bond with them is very clumsy. One day, they will come to you and share everything with you. But, then, they don’t even come and talk to you the next day.

Some people are naturally fickle-minded, and some need a shoulder sometimes. Their lives have become really depressing nowadays, and people are scared of opening up too much because of getting judged. They need someone outside of their small limited world to open their hearts with. Suppose someone comes to you and shares everything with you. Listen to them but stop before doing the same.

Take a break, give some time and then decide if that person can act as a supportive shoulder for you.

Blurry Friends

I can bet you’ll relate to this type of friend the most. That one friend who used to be so close to you at a specific phase of you that everything felt so comfortable. They are still around you but not that close to your heart. You talk nicely but can sense that vibe of a familiar but lost connection being around them.

Humans tend to evolve as they grow. Priorities change, and such losses are a result of that. Do you remember any dish you used to love to eat when you were a child, and you’re not that fond of it now? You eat it, and every time you see it, you remember the older times when you used to love it. And you end up saying there’s no reason for not liking it that much now, and it’s organic.

It is what happens with people too.

Flaky Friends

This type of friend is usually represented via memes. They make plans for traveling, dining, shopping, and whatnot and step back just before the plan is about to execute.

It is the most irritating thing to tackle, but gradually, you become habitual and stop relying upon it. Can this type of friend be termed as an unreliable friend?

Best Friends

They are the best type of friends we all have. No efforts needed, no formalities to consider, and just chill. You can literally die for them and they for you. You very well know what problem you get. They are there to have your back. Best friends make your life more beautiful.

They are your family. Never lose them, and losing them is not possible. You make fun of each other and chill together. You can’t imagine life without them. Friendship is still fresh with them. You talk daily or maybe not, but it is the most informal way whenever you talk. You party, travel, eat and chill. Even your families are aware of you. You have the best memories together. You did almost everything together, from drinking beer to smoking. You have the best relationship advice for each other. 

You have already planned how to dance at each other’s weddings and how to make your future kids friends with each other. If you’ve such a best friend, you have a bond to rely on and cherish throughout your life.

Types Of Friends: Souls To Teach Us Both Right & Wrong

We found friends in people around us at different places, times, and multiple phases of our lives. Some give us the best memories and leave us, while some have our back throughout. Some are there to praise what you’re wearing, and some to make fun of you. Some will talk ill of you and give a wound on your heart. Then there are the ones who will push you to touch the sky. You also know your friend’s last names meanings and origins with the help of the Internet.

Choose your friends wisely and never let the best of your friends away. Instead, talk to them because they are the ones who bring meaning to your life.