You rely on your air conditioning system to maintain your residence cool and cozy, but for that to work, your A / C system needs routine maintenance to function effectively.

Just like every other household appliances, it’s common for your Residential Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa to undergo some wear from daily use and cause mechanical issues at some stage in its lifetime.

Having the infrastructure up and working smoothly requires proper care to the maintenance and operation needs. Device repairs will also save you money and stress.

If you’re trying to make your home cool so keeping your AC going is a must.

Let’s have a look at what you should do, and when you need to call the experts when it comes to maintaining the air conditioner system.

What’s the perfect time of year to serve your Air conditioner?

Experts recommend that you service your home air conditioning once a year. Spring is the happiest time ever. However, to ensure that the machine continues to run properly, you need to do some “housework” on a routine basis.

Important AC Maintenance Guidelines

Regularly Maintenance & Cleaning Of Air Filters

Dirty and blocked up air filters impede natural airflow and greatly decrease the cooling power of the AC system. The cleaning of the air filter must be done at least once per month. Daily air filter cleaning helps inadequate cooling. Air filter cleaning becomes very necessary if the pets inside the house are fur-bearing.

Cleaning The Evaporator Coils

Clean air filters protect the cooling coils from dust and debris. But even though, over time, any soil and debris can be accumulated on the coils. This deposition and covering decreases the heat absorption potential of the coils, resulting in a room cooling system. An annual servicing and cleaning of the evaporator coil are quite important.

Maintenance Of The Condenser Coil

The condenser and fan machines are installed outside the house. Outer dusty climate, fallen leaves, rain, etc., soils the condenser coils. Dust and dirt find it incredibly difficult for fresh air and heat to dissipate outdoors. .This low heat transfer leads to the heating of the condenser and the compressor. The annual cleaning of the condenser coil is very essential for the condenser to function efficiently.

Level The Unit

Over time, the surface on which the condenser device rests will begin to tilt as the soil settles underneath it. An out-of-level condenser device will cause the compressor to malfunction early. Check the level condenser and bring it up to level.

Clean The Evaporator Drain

Perhaps the evaporator drain is obscured by the build-up of algae and mold and has to be unplugged. The clogged drain will cause floods that affect the floor or, if fitted with a drain float, cause the device to cease to work until the water is drained. Clogging will also cause a foul smell to come out of the machine. The drain pipe is typically an inch-wide PVC pipe, which flows inside or outside.

When You Should Call A Pro

As we have mentioned, maintaining the air conditioning system operating smoothly and effectively requires good, reliable maintenance and service requirements. While most of the issues we discussed can be quickly handled at home, certain issues need the attention of a certified professional. They have the skills and expertise to easily identify the problem and get your machine up and running safely.

Before the start of the summer season, always call a Residential Air Conditioning professional in Santa Rosa for a full clean-up and air conditioning operation.

Whenever you contact an AC repair professional, make sure that you inspect all AC components, such as coils, compressors, fins, filters, drains, etc., and perform the appropriate service.