Tiles have long been a favourite choice as a kitchen splashback thanks to the many different options available in terms of colour, shape, pattern and materials. Some of the most popular kitchen splashback tile choices include rustic handmade tiles, stylish pattern tiles as well as classic porcelain tiles. From providing a low maintenance surface finish to creating a specific aesthetic in your next design project, each tiling option offers its own range of unique benefits to your kitchen design to help you create that perfect colour scheme in your next project!

Handmade Tiled Kitchen Splashback

Steeped in history, handmade tiles are made using traditional techniques and will feature a range of unique characteristics that will create a wonderful rustic quality in your kitchen design scheme. These beautiful tile collections are made entirely by hand, being shaped, moulded and often glazed or painted to create a warm and earthy quality that will perfectly suit a classically styled interior design scheme.

Most handmade tile collections are a ceramic tile product and due to their undulating surface finish, can only be used as a wall finish rather than a flooring option. This unique quality opens the door to more creative designs as the issues of slip resistance and grip underfoot that are normally associated with floor tiles are not a concern. You can expect to see stylish handmade tiles that feature incredible etched designs, textured surfaces, glass-like glazes as well as spectacular hand painted patterns or designs that will perfectly complement your new kitchen’s colour scheme.

Handmade Tiled Kitchen Splashback

Caption: Handmade tiles feature a range of exciting textures and finishes that are uniquely characteristic of traditionally handmade products. These classic and timeless wall tiles can be used in the kitchen to create the perfect feature element that will add a sense of warmth, texture and character to the space.

Although ceramic tiles are porous (meaning the product would require sealing to prevent water damage or staining on the surface) most handmade collections will include an almost glass-like glaze that is baked onto the tile itself during the manufacturing process. These specific types of ceramic tiles will not require sealing to protect them and as such, make for the perfect decorative solution in the kitchen. Their smooth and sleek surface finish allows for an exceptionally simple clean up as spills and splatters normally occurring in the kitchen can be easily wiped away with minimal fuss!

Pattern Tiles: Traditional Terrazzo Tiles

The kitchen splashback offers the perfect opportunity to get creative! Unlike kitchen cabinetry and benchtops, splashbacks can be replaced later on down the track with minimal disruption or cost, making this element of your design scheme the perfect canvas to let your creativity run wild! Pattern tiles can be used to instantly elevate your entire kitchen design scheme to the next level, creating a spectacular sense of energy, colour, shape and movement in the space. Terrazzo tiles are an especially hot trend this year with their timeless speckled finish making for the perfect complement to any type of kitchen design theme, from the classic styles to the contemporary.

Traditional Terrazzo Tiles

Caption: Terrazzo kitchen tiles can be used to effortlessly tie together all the different colour elements of your palette as demonstrated in this modern space. The warm black pieces in the terrazzo pattern tiles are reflected in the black tapware and cabinetry to create a cohesive colour scheme.

Terrazzo tiles are traditionally made using a bed of concrete that includes pieces of coloured glass, chips of natural marble as well as granite to create their uniquely characteristic speckled pattern. These pieces can range in colour which allows for a more creative colour palette in the kitchen as you have the option of matching up the balance of your design’s palette with the shade options present in the kitchen tiles themselves. It should be noted that concrete as well as the natural stone pieces present in terrazzo tiles are all porous materials and will require sealing in order to protect them. This is however a very small price to pay for the immense durability, longevity and aesthetic charm that these exciting pattern tiles offer!

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are perhaps the most popular choice for the kitchen splashback thanks to their impressive stain and heat resistance, making them especially favourable in creating a low maintenance design. Being almost completely non-porous, porcelain wall tiles will not require sealing throughout their lifespan, offering the perfect splashback choice for a low-maintenance design scheme. Porcelain tiles are available in an impressive range of options to help you create that perfect look, from mosaic tiles to various patterns, textures and shapes. You can even find specific collections of porcelain tiles that are designed to replicate natural materials such as timber, marble or granite offering cost effective alternative solutions to these classic materials.

Porcelain Tiles

Caption: Porcelain tiles are famous for their impressive heat and stain resistance making them a popular option for use as a kitchen splashback. These tiles are available in a large assortment of designs, from brightly coloured mosaic tiles to large format varieties to help you find that perfect match!

Another exceptional benefit of porcelain tiles is that they can be placed close to sources of heat (such as a gas cooktop for example where heat radiates outwards and can affect other materials close to it). This unique quality makes porcelain the perfect splashback choice where your splashback will be in close proximity to a gas cooktop, ensuring the safety of yourself and your home.

Selecting your new colour palette for a kitchen design or renovation project is perhaps the most exciting part of the entire process! You will find many stunning options available in kitchen tiles to help you perfectly complement your overall colour scheme, effortlessly balancing out your new cabinetry finishes and benchtops for that perfect designer touch! From handmade tiles, porcelain and terrazzo patterned tiles, these are some of the most popular splashback choices that are showing up in trending homes this year while also offering a wonderfully timeless aesthetic to a design!