Whether you are dealing with powerful Crommelins farm machinery or a regular vehicle, one of the most common issues you will face will be a lack of adequate power to feed electrical circuits. While most machinery does have some reserve power available, components of the machinery that require more energy often cause the electrical system to become overworked.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution at hand: an alternator. With, however, although the answer is simple, choosing the most suitable alternator for your farm machinery is not quite as straightforward.

In addition to getting a good-quality alternator that functions optimally, you need to ascertain what the correct-sized alternator is for your machinery. Additionally, you need to understand whether upgrading the alternator is a clever idea versus investing in a new one piece of machinery entirely.

In this article, we will provide a useful guide to helping you find the right alternator for your Crommelins or other farm machinery. From discussing the benefits, a top-quality alternator can have on your farm to whether a replacement alternator is a better option than investing in new machinery, we will ensure all your bases are covered before providing some useful tips on choosing the right alternator for you.

The Benefits Of A Good Alternator For Your Crommelins Machinery

Let us start by shedding some light on how investing in a good-quality alternator for your farm machinery can make a significant difference. Most people are not familiar with high-output alternators, but they can be incredibly useful when it comes to powering up machinery and ensuring your Crommelins and other machinery remains in optimal working order.

Maintain Optimal Battery Health

Farm machinery requires a lot of power to fulfil its intended purpose at optimal capacity. The strain this type of heavy use can put on a farm vehicle’s battery is tremendous. This is exacerbated by the fact that the nature of farming means that machinery is in constant use for long periods of time.

Opting to buy an alternator from a reputable brand means you will get yourself a product that is built to cope with these demands and can provide enough charge to power all Crommelins machinery components without excessive effort on the part of the battery. This will ensure the battery’s power is never depleted and its overall health is maintained.

Are Essential For Machinery That Is Used Off-Road

Farm machinery like tractors need to operate across difficult off-road terrain, and this also means they feature a large number of lights that draw a lot of power. In many cases, this is more than a standard alternator can manage. For this reason, it is an innovative idea to invest in a high-output alternator that can help support the electrical system, so it has the capacity to allow the machinery to function at its best.

Improve The Longevity Of Your Crommelins Machinery

Although a good high-output alternator does not come cheap, the protection it provides for the machine’s battery and other components has the potential to save you a lot of money in the longer term. This makes it a very economical solution to your problems.

A good alternator increases the efficiency of farm machinery too by dissipating heat more evenly and ensuring the machine does not get overheated, which can lead to a whole host of other issues. A good alternator will utilise heavy gauge wiring, which ensures more current is able to pass through components which increases efficiency.

Knowing Whether Your Farm Machinery Needs To Be Replaced vs. Getting A New Alternator

Anyone involved in an agricultural business will know that farm machinery does not come cheap. It is, therefore, natural for farmers to want to get the maximum possible value out of their equipment. These machines do important work to keep production flowing which contributes to the bottom line of your enterprise as well as its overall efficiency.

If you work with farm machinery on a regular basis, you will know that there comes a time when you need to decide to replace the equipment or whether to rebuild or repair its components.

Depending on how well you’ve maintained and serviced your Crommelins or other farm machinery, you may find that it doesn’t require a complete overhaul but just needs to have the alternator replaced. This is much kinder on those purse strings.

Here are a few factors worth considering when trying to establish whether it makes sense to replace the machinery or simply get a new alternator:

  • The age and general condition of the farm machinery.
  • The need for increased capacity.
  • The frequency and severity of repairs needed.
  • The level of maintenance performed on the machinery over its lifespan.
  • The availability of parts and rebuild services.

In cases where the machinery is exceptionally old and more effective models are available, it might be worth investing in a new item. However, if the machinery is well maintained and in good condition, but simply requires a boost, then a good-quality alternator might just be what you are after.

Our Tips For Choosing The Right Alternator For Your Farm Machinery

Now that we have established the benefits of a good alternator, as well as when it might be the best option to get your farm machinery working at its best, it is time to provide some insights into finding the right alternator for you.

Choose Top-Quality Machinery

Choosing good-quality machinery will always be beneficial for farmers, both in terms of maintenance repairs and having to upgrade parts such as the alternator. Farm machinery can be pricey, but it is always advisable to opt for a reputable brand like Crommelins.

At Bunyip Equipment, you will see we stock a broad range of Crommelins machinery because, from our years of experience in the trade, we know that their name is synonymous with quality. Croommelins is known for producing top-of-the-range machinery that is durable. Investing in quality farm machinery will mean that the likelihood of repairs or needing to upgrade parts is minimised.

Find The Right Size Alternator For Your Farm Machinery

Next up, you will need to figure out the size of the alternator needed to ensure your farm machinery works efficiently. Depending on the type of machinery you are dealing with, be it a Crommelin’s Groundhog or an Auger Torque Earthdrill, some will require larger alternators than others.

To figure out the total load on the machinery, you can use an ammeter. Just be sure the engine is off and the battery is charged when you do so. When you have the correct amperage readings, you will know the usage of your farm machinery, which in turn will allow you to find the right alternator.

Understand Your Farm Machinery

It is also important for farmers to understand their machinery and the types of attachments they are using. Using the right machinery for a particular context ensures the greatest level of efficiency and will prolong the lifespan of your investment. It may also reduce the need to replace or upgrade the alternator in the first place.

Final Thoughts

In short, successful farming practices require the use of high-quality farm machinery. The use of such machinery has huge benefits in terms of productivity and profits for the farmer. However, the frequency and intensity at which most farm machinery is used puts a lot of pressure on the machinery and its components.

This is especially true for the batteries on farm machinery, which often end up depleted and require replacements on a regular basis. One way to extend the life of a machine’s battery, as well as other components, is with the use of a high-output alternator.

In fact, a good-quality alternator is essential for vehicles and farm machinery, like tractors, which are often needed to operate on difficult off-road terrain. Having an alternator will work wonders when it comes to battery health and the longevity of farm machinery.

With that said, however, not all alternators are made equal, which is why it is important to do your homework and choose the alternator that is right for your farm machinery. When it comes to choosing the right alternator, it helps if you have a good-quality piece of farm machinery to begin with, because even the best alternator cannot save a poor-quality item from running its course.

So, begin by choosing a reputable farm machinery brand such as Crommelins. Then take the time to understand your machinery and its capabilities. For instance, using machinery for the wrong purpose or on the wrong terrain can do a lot of damage and put unnecessary pressure on the battery. So, correct operation of your machinery should reduce the need for a replacement alternator, but if problems persist, it is important to choose the right alternator depending on the size of the machine.

In many cases, farm machinery can have its longevity extended using a good alternator if this is teamed with correct use and adequate maintenance too.