Embarking on a quest to find an effortless solution for excess earwax has been a persistent journey for many. Within this pursuit, the Blackwolf Wush Pro ear cleaner takes center stage as an electric ear wax removal kit, boasting promises of safety, efficiency, and cleanliness. 

This thorough exploration of Wush ear cleaner reviews dives deep into its features, intricacies of usage, and presents a real-life account from a user. The paramount question that echoes throughout: Does Wush ear cleaner work? Uncover the nuanced details within these comprehensive reviews to make a wise decision about this innovative solution for ear hygiene.

Understanding Wush Pro

Wush Pro, crafted by Blackwolf, is an innovative electric ear wax cleaner, delivering a swift and secure solution for ear hygiene. Its functionality revolves around a soothing triple jet stream of water, activated with a simple button press. The comprehensive kit comprises 1 ear cleaner, 6 tips, 1 water basin, and a USB cord, providing a holistic approach to optimal ear care.

Usage Instructions:

Simplify your Wush Pro experience: Attach the tip, fill the reservoir with warm water, tilt your head appropriately, and let the triple jet stream effortlessly remove earwax. Post-use, a gentle head tilt aids in draining any residual water. Ensure dry ears by using a q-tip or tissue to prevent water re-entry. This straightforward process ensures a hassle-free and effective ear-cleaning routine.


  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Customizable settings for water force.


  • Small water reservoir.
  • Occasional issues with the mode button.

Safety Concerns:

While the Wush Pro is generally considered safe, a few users reported discomfort, noise, and even an increase in ear ringing. It is recommended that individuals with preexisting ear conditions consult a doctor before using this product.

Where To Buy:

The Wush Pro ear cleaner is available on the official website, blackpronation.com, as well as on leading online platforms like Amazon and Walmart. The retail price is $69.99.

Real-life Testing: Does Wush Ear Cleaner Work?

A user shares their experience after purchasing the Wush Pro from the official website. The device proved easy to use, especially in the shower, making cleanup hassle-free. While the process was gentle and painless, the user noticed a small water reservoir, requiring multiple refills during the session. The mode button, although effective, displayed occasional quirks in responsiveness. Despite these minor issues, the user reported clean and comfortable ears after the first use.

Final Verdict On Wush Ear Cleaner Reviews

In conclusion, the Blackwolf Wush Pro ear cleaner presents itself as a convenient gadget for ear hygiene, offering a safe and efficient alternative to traditional methods. Despite minor drawbacks such as a small water reservoir and occasional mode button issues, users appreciate its ease of use and effectiveness. As with any product, potential users are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons and, if necessary, seek advice from healthcare professionals for a personalized decision.


Are there any reported side effects or discomfort associated with using the Wush Pro ear cleaner?

While the Wush Pro is generally considered safe, some users have reported discomfort, noise, and an increase in ear ringing. It’s advisable for individuals with underlying ear issues to consult with a doctor before using the product to ensure it is suitable for their specific situation.

How long does it take to see results with the Wush Pro ear cleaner?

Results may vary from person to person. As reported in the real-life testing section, some users may experience clean and comfortable ears after the first use. However, individual responses to the ear cleaner may differ, and consistency in usage over time may be necessary for optimal results.

Can the Wush Pro ear cleaner be used by individuals with sensitive ears or specific ear conditions?

While the Wush Pro is designed to be safe, individuals with sensitive ears or specific ear conditions are advised to exercise caution. Consulting with a healthcare specialist before using the product is recommended, especially for those with pre-existing ear issues.

Is this ear cleaner product suitable for children, and are there any age restrictions for its use?

The suitability of the Wush Pro for children may depend on factors such as the child’s age and individual health conditions. It is advisable to consult with a pediatrician or healthcare professional before using the ear cleaner on children. Additionally, the product’s instructions and specifications should be reviewed for any age restrictions or guidelines.