Write For Us & Become A Contributor

Write For Us & Become A Contributor

Thank you for coming to Center Post. Center Post is one of the best and authentic guest posting website with articles on different subjects. We are a platform for writers to make their articles reach to the global audience.

If you want to contribute to our write for us, you are welcome. You can write on topic related to Home Decor, Fashion, House Design Plans, Digital Marketing, Education, Construction, Interior Designs, Pets, Entertainment, Travel, Parenting, Marketing, Business and more.

Center Post is one of the high quality and authentic guest posting site where you can publish you high-quality, original article. We can let you publish your actionable, practical and informative piece of content to make it accessible to a wider audience.  In simple words, if you are a writer, we can help you have your own journey. You can write to us to give your article a platform and to build your online reputation.

How You Can Write For Us:

  • Choose a category and relevant topic for readers
  • Keep sentences short to a maximum of 20 words.
  • write in an active tone only and avoid passive tone.
  • Frame the body with headings and subheadings.
  • Word count should be at least 1000+ 
  • Use relevant tags, headings, subheadings and paragraphs and format the article.
  • Use only original, informative and authentic content.
  • Don’t send us Spinor promotional content; it will see a bin.
  • Add images in HD with size (960*640).
  • One Nofollow link (free) in author bio is allowed.
  • Backlinking from a high authority site (like Forbes) and other internal links are mandatory.
  • For do follow backlink and sponsored post contact us at
  • Don’t use Backlink at the beginning and make sure that the link should be relevant to the content

Note: Outgoing links in article should be relevant to the content. Also, it should not sell products, services or affiliate links otherwise we will consider them as promotional post and reject it.

Moreover, any dead, broken or irrelevant link is not accepted

Stuffing keyword inappropriately is not allowed

Note: We won’t delete articles once they are live on the site.

If you follow the above guidelines, send us an email for Guest Post Request at our email id or register with us.

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