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Buying A Home
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Factors To Consider When Buying A Home 

What they say about real estate is true: location, location, location. When buying a home, determining the right place is a significant financial and lifestyle consideration. It would help if you always walked around the neighborhood you are considering to see how it looks. It…

What Is Industrial Real Estate
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What Is Industrial Real Estate? 

Industrial real estate is a versatile type of property that is zoned to be used for various purposes. It may be classified as Class A or Class B, Cold storage, or Research and development, among other things. Regardless of its usage, industrial properties are ideal…

Selling Your House
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Things To Do Before Selling Your House 

If you’ve never sold your home before, it can be surprisingly difficult and time-consuming. Some people may feel like strangers are invading their privacy by coming into their homes, opening their closets and cabinets, and poking around. Your home will be criticized and you will…

Guide To Dubai Hills Estate
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A Guide To Dubai Hills Estate 

Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding, Dubai Hills Estate is located next to Al Barsha South. This community is indeed one of the most popular areas in Dubai, especially when it comes to luxury villas. There are different types of properties such as townhouses, apartments, residential…

Property Manager
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What To Expect From A Property Manager 

The property manager or real estate agency acts through a “management mandate” which is entrusted to it by a property owner. Its role corresponds to the tasks included in the mandate and includes at least rental management. As a result of this rent collection, the property…