Which apps did you use for your real estate startup? A modern-day question, with little to no value a few years ago. But now, in this tech-savvy world, no one can resist without using some apps (be it mobile apps or web apps).

I recently stumbled upon a few posts about some cool apps for startups (and those already in the big world). That led me to think, “what if real estate startups could use these apps? Would these apps be as useful for them as for others or not?” And I got a favorable response (just by reading about these apps).

Keeping that in mind, I’ve created this post primarily for the juvenile real estate businesses (other startups can also take advantage of this post).

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into these apps every real estate startup should have.

The Best Apps For Real Estate Businesses (& Others)


CINC is a lead generation tool exclusively for real estate businesses. It generates leads via individually managed digital lead generation campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. CINC builds relationships and drives conversion through automated behavior tracking & messaging tools.

More than 35k+ realtors in the US and Canada are available in this massive community.


No doubt, the web is the best place to promote your business. You have your website, which works as a digital visiting card, then you have Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to showcase your business, then there’s Google My Business for you, and so on. All these mediums will uplift your brand’s image and help you generate new business.

But how would you manage your presence on all these platforms? Sure your CRM (like the ones mentioned above) would help you manage your emails, contacts, transactions, and more. They aren’t very good at promoting your business over social media. For this, you have Buffer.

This tool will allow you to manage your social media channels from one account only (Buffer itself). From there, you could create a post for your social media account and roll it out to all the other connected accounts. Not only this, but you could also measure how well a post or social media account is working for you and then revise your marketing strategy.

I have this one real estate client in Canada, primarily dealing in condos for sale in Mississauga. Their social media marketing team is very fond of this tool and does a lot with few resources.


When you’re just starting up, you need to do a lot with so few resources. Startups often tend to cut down their expenses and try to do every bit of the work themselves. It could result in a disaster.

To avoid losing your business, you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that offers everything you need. Propertybase is one good example.

Propertybase is a real estate platform allowing your business to grow faster, lets you build an online presence, and helps your agents sell more homes. This tool will bring all that you need into one platform.

At the front, you get your website. And at the backend, it’s the command center for your business. With this tool, you could manage your clients, listings, and leads.

In short, this is the one tool no real estate startup business should ever ignore.


Freshchat is an AI-based customer servicing web app. It gives you the ability to interact with customer queries instantly.

With this powerful tool, your clients don’t have to wait to ask common questions like “what you need to buy a house.” Once they have the answers, they’re most likely to return to your website and buy a new home from you.

With Freshchat, real estate businesses could engage with potential clients, wherever and whenever they want. Integrate this tool with your website, upload answers to the most common questions, and engage with onsite users. You may also use this app via your smartphone to interact with clients.


It is another CRM for real estate professionals. This software will manage your contacts, tasks, transactions, and more.

Like other CRMs, this tool will relieve you from heavy tasks while minimizing your cost.


When you’re running your real estate business, you can’t just rely on a website or even your CRM; you also need marketing tools like Canva.

Canva is essentially an online graphic design tool primarily used to design posts for social media, presentations, posters, and more.

When you’re just starting up, you could opt-in with their free account. Of course, it would offer limited functionalities, but it’s a good deal for a starter. Once you master the art of designing, you could go for their paid packages.


Dotloop is one solution to several transactions – prepare your documents, send them to your clients, get them signed, and a lot more with this single tool.

This tool, single-handedly, will reduce your workload and give you more time to capture new business.

Interestingly this tool is quite affordable even when you are just starting your real estate business. For starters, there is a package costing just $29/month with all the necessary features to get your real estate documents completed to close the deal. This price is not high, provided you have an unlimited number of transactions.

Imagine if you had this tool earlier, how many real estate deals you could have closed. That’s the power of technology.

Amitree Folio

Amitree Folio is your virtual assistant dealing with your email accounts. This app offers a cool feature that organizes your email, attachments, contact, and important dates. It also lets you sync your critical items with your Google Drive.

This app also organizes clients’ documents and set deal timelines for real estate agents. With a fantastic tool like this, realtors won’t stay behind their schedule.


Another tool that perfectly works like your virtual assistant. With this magical tool, you could link multiple apps and guide them to automate a process. For instance, a potential homebuyer sends you an inquiry over your email. This email is linked to your Dropbox and Slack accounts via Zapier and could send the attachment to your Dropbox account while sending you a reminder on Slack.

You could use this tool in multiple ways. All you need is to sign up, link your accounts, and guide them on working accordingly.


This app is primarily for contractors. This app allows you to create and share floor plans, field reports, and estimates instantly. This tool will enable users to measure and sketch interior plans in 2D & 3D.

This app is available both on iOS and Android devices and is easy to use.

This app works well for contractors, realtors, homebuyers, and homeowners.

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