Going on a holiday with your children is an enjoyable experience. If you are planning one, you have likely been researching how to make it as stress-free as possible. You might have already come across some tips like packing light, booking flights and hotels early, and exploring budget-friendly options. However, various other tips are often overlooked, and these are what we will be discussing today.

Carry A Car Seat

Many people pack their children’s clothes and whatever else they need and forget a baby seat. If you have small kids who require one, you should carry it or buy one when you get to your destination. It is an essential piece of equipment for keeping your baby safe if you rent a car while on holiday.

Also, think about whether you will need a pram. If you require one, several collapsible options are easy to pack. If you cannot carry one, ask the hotel whether it can provide one. Some hotels have baby-friendly services and provide prams, baby seats and other equipment that parents staying with them might need.

Ask For Permission

If you are divorced or a foster carer, you should ask for permission from your partner or foster care agency, respectively, before taking children on holiday. While you may have the primary responsibility of caring for them, you may not have the legal right to take them on holiday.

This protection is in place to ensure adults do not take children who do not belong to them outside the country. In the case of divorced parents, the other parent can start legal proceedings, especially if you have joint custody, alleging you want to take the children from them.

For foster carers, they do not have legal guardianship over their foster children so they cannot take them on holiday without permission. If you are considering becoming a foster carer and travel often, you can talk to the team at Foster Care Associates so they can explain to you the necessary processes and required permissions.

Choose Priority Boarding If You Can

With all that goes into planning, parents might forget about the boarding process. It can be hectic to board a plane with kids if you travel alone. Most airlines provide priority boarding for parents with young children, so pick this option. It will cost a little more, but it can save you a lot of headaches.

Only Drink Bottled Water

It may seem like a privileged thing to do, but many countries do not have clean water. There are numerous reports of people, including children, who became sick after drinking water while travelling abroad.

Buying bottled water will increase your budget, but there is a likelihood that the alternative is spending time in the hospital if your children catch a bug.

It is better to be thoroughly prepared when travelling with young children as that will make the trip less hectic. Take some time to consider what you might have not thought about or researched to ensure are completely prepared.