When it comes to selling your motor, there’s a lot to consider. But perhaps the key thing on your mind is how much you can get for it.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to achieve the highest possible price for your car. Check out our tips below on what to do before putting it on the market.

1. Remove Rubbish & Personal Items

Firstly, you should remove any rubbish that may be lurking inside your car. Grab any water bottles, food wrappers, empty de-icer cans and other rubbish before sorting it into piles for recycling or refuse.

As you’re doing this, remove personal items that you have stored in your car. The key areas to check are your glove box, boot, underneath seats and your door pockets. At the end of this process, your car should have virtually nothing left inside it.

2. Clean It Inside & Out

Then, you need to thoroughly clean it, both inside and out. You can do this yourself if you want to save some cash, but if possible, get a professional valet. This will make sure your car looks extra polished and shiny, which will appeal to potential buyers.

Whichever you decide, make sure the carpets are hoovered thoroughly, the floor mats and seats are clean, and that dirt is removed from the steering wheel, cupholders and gearbox. It’s also worth popping an air freshener inside at the end.

3. Get A Car Service

It’s worth getting your car serviced before you sell, particularly if it’s been over a year or you’ve done more than 12,000 miles since the last one. You can find reputable garages by googling “car servicing near me” and choosing one that’s most convenient for you to get to.

The benefit of servicing pre-sale is that the mechanic will check a variety of things including the suspension, steering, oil and fluid levels, lights and brakes. You can tell potential buyers that this has been carried out recently, giving them the peace of mind to purchase.

4. Check You Have A Valid MOT Certificate

It’s important to check your MOT certificate and find out how long is left before it expires. This is because buyers can be deterred from purchasing if there’s little time left on the MOT, or they may be more likely to barter with you over the price.

To make it easier for you to sell, consider getting a new MOT certificate before you start marketing your car. This may not be relevant if you have a vehicle that’s less than three years old or are selling some classic cars, but you can check this through the government website.

By cleaning your car thoroughly, getting a service and obtaining a new MOT certificate, you can put yourself in a position to receive the highest possible price for your car.