Aim for a system that’s both functional and visually appealing. For example, repurpose clear storage containers and baskets—whether quarts from takeout or washed-out sauce jars.

Consider adding turntables, lazy susans, or bins to maximize the usable space of deep shelves and hidden corners. Don’t forget to utilize pantry doors—add a command hook for aprons and bags or add shallow baskets to store grab-and-go snacks, spices, or breakfast items.

Create Storage Bins

The first step in any pantry organization is emptying it. This allows you to wipe down shelves, sweep the floor, and check expiration dates.

Next, sort items by use and store like items together. This is the best way to ensure you have space for everything and that you’re storing things in the right place (like kids’ snacks on bottom shelves instead of infrequently used kitchen appliances).

Start collecting clear bins and baskets if you still need them. Whether it’s repurposed mason jars or OXO POP containers, they help keep contents visible and make your pantry more visually appealing.

Add A Lazy Susan

Adding a lazy susan to your door pantry can save space. It helps to quickly access frequently used items like snack bags and cereal boxes.

Look for a pie-cut, kidney-shaped, full circle, or D-shaped lazy susan, depending on the size of your pantry and storage needs. You can even find one that has a built-in chalkboard for writing down grocery lists.

After you sort everything into bins, label each bin and container. Choose clear labels that match the rest of your kitchen. You can also add a magnetic tag to a cabinet door for a quick reminder of your list.

Add A Hanging Rack

A hanging rack can save space if you have a narrow or shallow pantry. This storage style allows easy access to essentials like Tupperware, tin foil, and baking sheets.

Instead of buying all new bins and baskets, look at what you have on hand. Quart containers from takeout meals, glass pasta sauce jam jars, and plastic bins work well to corral and store items.

Review each to check the expiration dates once you’ve sorted your over the door pantry storage items into categories. This is an essential step in pantry organization and should be done as the final step of your organizing process.

Add A Basket

A jumble of containers, bags, and boxes can make even the most organized pantry look messy. To create a visually calm space, switch out busy packaging for clear bins. For example, repurpose quart containers leftover from takeout and washed-out sauce jars to hold dry ingredients. Oddly shaped items like chip bags and root vegetables fit in clear bins, too.

Create themed baskets or bins for snacks, breakfast, lunch, and condiments when your pantry is more manageable. Labeling these baskets encourages family members to keep up the neat system you’ve set up.

Add Labels

Pantry organizers like canisters, baskets, and bins make for functional organization. Choose clear ones to keep your pantry clean and organized, and label them so every family member knows where things belong. Busy packaging can add visual clutter, so remove the plastic bags from boxes and decant dry ingredients into clear jars or containers.

Once you’re done emptying your pantry, sort items by category and check expiration dates while you’re at it (you may find that some items are about to go bad, which can serve as a great reminder to grocery shop). This step is also a good time to wipe down the shelves and sweep the floor.

Add A Label Holder

Once all your items are sorted and repacked into containers, it’s time to add labels. Labels hold you accountable for putting the jar back in its correct home so you don’t accidentally reach for a different item.

Consider choosing a color or style theme for your pantry organizers to give the space a cohesive look. Janine over at Shanty 2 Chic used gift tags to create a matching set for her pantry, but you can use anything from chalkboard to sticker to match your kitchen decor.

Remember to check expiration dates and toss any items past their prime. This is an integral part of organizing and will help you save money by not purchasing duplicate items.

Add A Hook

Once all your food is sorted into categories, it’s time to get the pantry looking beautiful. Consider adding self-stick wallpaper or pretty contact paper to the shelves. You can also add a pretty gift tag to every food container and aprons to inspire uniform tidiness in the pantry.

Use larger bins to corral similar items, like pasta and canned soups. This helps you easily see what’s on hand and when it’s time to shop.

If you have wall space, install a hook to hold aprons, brooms, or reusable grocery bags. This helps make it easy for every family member to grab a load when needed.