The Motorola WatchGuard body camera provides law enforcement with enhanced features that solve critical issues, including extended battery life and swappable batteries for coverage on different shifts. It also connects easily between officers’ in-vehicle video systems.

Fretting over battery status can distract an officer in the heat of an incident. With patented Record-After-the-Fact, the V300 continuously saves footage.

Capture Critical Incidents

With WatchGuard body cameras, officers can record critical incidents without missing a beat. The patented Record-After-The-Fact technology in the 4RE in-car video system and V300 body-worn camera allows agencies to go back and capture actual events days after they happened, even if the record button wasn’t pressed.

This powerful feature is one of the reasons that departments are increasingly turning to WatchGuard. It’s also why officers are turning away from their batons and handcuffs to pick up the latest addition to their uniform – a high-tech, incredibly rugged HD camera that doesn’t require them to touch it. Automatic wireless activation keeps officers focused and on the job while in-car and body-worn videos synchronize to deliver high-quality, unbiased footage of what happened.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Officers

The unpredictable nature of police work means officers must constantly be prepared for anything. Body-worn and in-car cameras allow them to monitor their surroundings, respond quickly to any threat, and communicate clearly with one another.

In addition to the ability to record on the go, WatchGuard’s patented Record-After-the-Fact technology enables law enforcement to go back in time and retrieve video even if the original upload server or storage server fails for some reason. This lets officers get the footage they need with a simple camera tap.

Easily swap out the detachable battery for continued operation through a 12-hour shift with 128 GB of memory and secure wireless uploading. The V300 continuous-operation body camera also addresses the need for additional power when overtime or unexpected events extend an officer’s shift.

Capture Critical Evidence

Video evidence is essential for police departments, but capturing and managing this information can be difficult. WatchGuard Body Cameras are built to address these challenges with features like Record-After-the-Fact, which allows officers to reclaim footage from background recording.

This feature, paired with WiFi’s event categorization function, ensures that priority events are always recorded first. For example, an assault on a suspect would precede a simple traffic violation.

Some Solutions in-car system is rugged to withstand law enforcement work’s rigors. It includes HD panoramic, side/rear/cabin cameras, and high-definition zero-sight line or mini zoom cameras for a complete view of incidents. It also provides real-time situational awareness, including automated license plate recognition. This includes secure wireless uploading, collaboration integration with V300 body-worn cameras, and synchronized playback.

Keep An Eye On Your Car

The WatchGuard body camera is purpose-built for law enforcement. It features GPS, WiFi, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with police vehicle cameras for complete coverage of incidents from multiple angles.

WatchGuard’s patented Record-After-the-Fact technology (RATF) ensures that an incident is never missed by recovering footage days after it happened, even if the record button wasn’t pressed. This feature is a must-have for agencies committed to transparency and ensuring that all incidents are captured.

High-security storage/upload, remote case access, and collaboration with in-car cameras allow officers to focus more on their community. This makes them more effective and reduces the time required to review videos after an incident. A quicker review process also protects the chain of custody.

Keep Your Evidence Secure

A body camera is only helpful if it’s recording. But with high-profile altercations and busy patrol officers, officers are often distracted and must remember to press record in the heat of the moment. WatchGuard’s patented Record-After-the-Fact feature allows videos to be recovered days after an incident, preserving the chain of custody.

Easily upload and store video files in evidence management systems with wireless networks. Rugged, secure, and built for police use, this highly extensible body-worn camera is a productivity and safety-boosting tool for law enforcement agencies.