Due to the pandemic and social distancing, meeting our clients and customers face-to-face is not possible. A lot of businesses are suffering. Even though the economy is up and running now, it is still struggling and it will take a lot of time to have board meetings or create a business relationship by meeting our clients personally. We need to wear a mask and work from home, if possible, to ensure that this pandemic gets over soon. But just because you are socially distancing, your relationship with your client doesn’t have to suffer.

There is a wide range of tools that can help you market your business online. The same tools can help you build a relationship with your clients how? Let’s see.

1. A Call To Your Business Associate

Working from home is the new normal, and we all have to adapt to it. A lot of you have worked from home in the past. Then, it was refreshing as you got a break from your office. But you still could go out and meet your friends or do other things. But due to the pandemic, not going out for anything unimportant is the best way to keep ourselves and everyone safe.

It includes your business associates as well. They too are working from home, and no matter, who they are, the isolation can take a toll on everyone. So, the best thing you could do as a human and as a business partner is to call them up. Not mail or a text, give them a personal call, and ask them how they are doing. It doesn’t have to be a business call, a separate call to know how they are feeling is best.

In addition to showing that you care about their well-being, it also is a great way to stand out from the crowd and be a better business associate.

2. Do A Video Call

A business requires new clients to remain successful. Going out and meeting a new prospect is a little tough during the quarantine. But with the help of Zoom, you can have a video meeting with your prospect. It is better than discussing the deal and contract on the phone or through the mail. When you take time out of your schedule, create a proper presentation, look presentable, and meet the client even though it’s virtual, it can do wonders for your business relationship.

When you are on a zoom call, you can share your screen so that the client can easily see what benefits they will get from doing a deal with you. It shows your dedication which is vital for creating and nurturing future relationships. Also, since, you will be at home, make sure your background is professional and presentable.

For the same, use a background creator for Zoom calls. They have tons of options which makes working with a messy wall or wardrobe behind easy.

3. Use Social Media

Maintaining a business relationship with your customers is also important. Since you are closing down stores and offices due to the pandemic, a lot of customers might face troubles or challenges. So, if you can provide your products online or your services through social media, make sure your customers are aware of the same.

Make use of any or all the social media platforms you are on to let the consumers know about the same. The customer service department of a business will have less man-power, but assure the customers that their queries and problems will be dealt with promptly through mails or phone calls.

The same goes for your business associates. Use LinkedIn to connect with them and share your ideas. It is a great platform for businesses to connect and create new opportunities for each other.

4. Help A Business Out

If your business is doing well, you can extend a helping hand to a business partner or associate. Maybe you can charge them less than what you always do or buy more of their products and so on. This not only helps them pay their employees and keep their business running. But it also helps create a stronger relationship between you and the client.

5. Continue The Tradition Of Hosting The Annual Corporate Event

If you host a corporate event during this time, don’t cancel it. You cannot organize a physical event, but a virtual one is still on the cards. All you have to do is figure out the details and send out the invites. You can also change the theme, instead of the usual event that you have, it can be a seminar or a workshop which is fun and passes some valuable information to the employees as well.

You can also send the invite link to other business associates. It shows them how you care for your employees and what kind of a relationship you have with each other. These small details go a long way when it comes to nurturing a business relationship.

6. Conduct Zoom Calls For Both Official And Unofficial Businesses

Official calls..

For businesses that used to conduct regular meetings to discuss vital projects and updates, and so on, working from home can be a bit difficult. That is why scheduling regular zoom calls where the whole team can put forward their ideas and can have a brainstorming session is necessary.

It has multiple benefits. For instance, you can have regular updates about projects. Everyone will be prepared and work hard to present something on the day of the meeting. Most importantly, it will provide you with a way to clear all misunderstandings anyone has about a project.

Unofficial call..

Another thing to do is to unofficial zoom calls on birthdays of your employees or to congratulate an employee who has done a marvelous job. It builds team morale and deepens your relationship with them.

As we talked above, use Canva to create appealing backgrounds for your zoom calls.

7. Legal Alerts Due To COVID-19

The pandemic is changing the way business operates. It is critical that you provide legal guidelines for prospects and customers due to the effect of coronavirus on all businesses.

For the time being, this is our new normal. The situation is urging us to be more humane and come up with innovative ideas to keep our business afloat, while ensuring that humanity survives too.