Bathrooms are not the easiest to decorate from an interior design perspective, especially when the area is small. However, just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you cannot exercise your creative juices and spice up the space. Making the best use of this limited square footage is all about being smart with what you place in your bathroom. Likewise, the colors, themes, and patterns you choose can also make your toilet stand out. If you’re struggling to design your small bathroom, this article is here to help. Creativity is all about using the right resources to make your space look mesmerizing, so here are some techniques you can try:

1. Get A Proper Shower Installed

If your bathroom has a bathtub, you must get rid of it. Bathtubs occupy immense space and can make your small bathroom look even tinier. The standard tub size takes more than 13 square feet of floor space. Most small bathrooms are only 36 to 40 square feet, so squeezing in a tub in this narrow space takes work. Therefore, if you want to revamp your space completely, consider getting a shower. Generally, showers are about 36 square inches. Given the size of your bathroom, you can also get those as small as 30 square inches.

Not only will you have free space, but your bathroom will also look less cluttered. But before you can get started, discuss the Shower Replacement cost with a reputable bathroom remodeling company and work according to your budget.

2. Get Clever With Storage

Small bathrooms get cluttered fast. If you use your vanity for everything, your space will end up looking incredibly messy. Hence, when it comes to small bathrooms, you need to besmart with storage. Ensure you use every possible surface to put away items instead of loading them next to the sink. If you are crafty, you can add a wall-mounted shelf to your bathroom and use it to store creams and lotions. You can also find small cabinets in furniture stores that can get tucked into any corner of your bathroom and work as a storage unit.

Furthermore, add a shelf above your toilet bowl and use it to store towels and paper. The best storage space in small bathrooms is walls. You can use the free room to mount and hang additional storage units.

3. Hang The Shower Curtain High

When you hang a curtain high, it makes your room look bigger. Cloth shower curtains are sophisticated and can make your bathroom look glamorous. It is also a quick way to add a certain level of charm to your bathroom. To do this, you should install a curtain close to the ceiling and let the fabric tumble from the ceiling to the floor. This will not only elongate your room but add elegance to it.

4. Install A Playful Pattern

You don’t need to stick to monochrome colors or paint the bathroom one shade. You can add a playful pattern to your small bathroom if you are adventurous. Don’t be afraid to take risks and go for a patterned wallpaper; you can also opt for mosaic tiles or paint your bathroom ombre. If you want to brighten your space, pastel shades are the way to go. But if you’re looking for royalty, paint the room with dark shades.

5. Get Rid Of Large Items

Nothing dwarfs a small bathroom than hulking vanities and large toilets. They can make your space look suffocated and hard to use. Hence, if you have the budget for it, consider getting a compact toilet and a floating sink. If that is the style you prefer, there are a few small-sized vanities in the market, but generally, vanities need immense space to get installed properly.

6. Add Art

Pictures, art,and paintings add personality to your bathroom. They also make the space look inviting and make the room look attractive. You should dedicate a gallery wall in your bathroom. However, ensure it is away from the shower so your pictures don’t get wet. All you need to do is pick out unique and exquisite artwork. These can be handmade or purchased from a store. If you’re using one large painting, add one miniature painting to the side. On the other hand, if you’re choosing to mount small art pieces, you must purchase at least a few that allow them to fill up your wall.

7. Introduce A Mirror

Mirrors are great for optical illusion. The reflection can make your small space look more extensive and more sophisticated. What’s more, if you find a mirror offering storage, you may have scored a jackpot. Multifunctional pieces are a goldmine. They give you extra storage and make your bathroom look stylish. Specific mirrors come with built-in shelves; if you need more space to store your bathroom goodies, consider getting one.

8. Invest In Quality Lighting

You need light for more than seeing. Lighting is an integral design element and should be a big part of your design project. Good lighting illuminates the space adequately, making the room look warm and inviting. However, poor lighting makes your bathroom lose its appeal and look dark. You can use waterproof LED spotlights on the floor to highlight specific areas of your bathroom, such as the shelves or the shower. The subtle lighting provides a gentle glow that makes your bathroom look relaxing. If you have wall-mounted vanity units and an open floor space, it would be best to use hung fittings with low-level lighting instead of bulbs. Additionally, a ceiling pendant light is the way to go if you’re more inclined towards vintage styles. Install them near the mirror to provide sufficient illumination for your skincare routine or grooming sessions.

Final Thoughts

Designing a small bathroom can be tricky, but if you use a little creativity and a smart approach, you can end up with an attractive space. Decorating a small bathroom is about making the best use of your space. You will need to invest in good quality lighting, get rid of bulky fixtures like large toilets and vanities, and be more colorful while choosing wall patterns. Furthermore, you can also make your space look better by being smart with storage and not holding back when it comes to artistic decor. Considering all these factors, find your creative calling and use it to change your bathroom’s look.