When it comes to developing a product, you can take away all the guesswork with a product packaging mockup. They are 3D renderings of a product that is still in the design or development stage. 

Packaging mock-ups give you a glimpse of how a product will look in real-life scenarios, as well as the look, feel, and audience reception of the products. They can also help you identify any potential problems with the design before it’s too late.

In this article, we have curated some of the most popular product packaging mockups that you’ll find handy in your next design project. They are:  

Box Mockups

Box mock-ups are one of the must-have tools in your toolbox as a product packaging designer. Not only are they the most common type of packaging mock-ups, but they are also quite versatile. These mock-ups are used to visualize physical products that will come in a box. They are used for a variety of products, from food to cosmetics, electronics, and toys. 

Bag Mockups

If you are carrying out a creative project where you need to visualize products in a bag, then you need a bag mockup. These mock-ups are quite notable for the creative liberty it gives designers. Depending on the kind of project, you can choose to use grocery bags, tote bags, and paper bags with different kinds of textures, aesthetics, and finishing. 

Bottle Mockups

Bottle mock-ups are used to visualize how products look in bottles or how a brand design looks on a real bottle. When working on projects that require bottle mock-ups, you must be meticulous about the kind you use, as there are a variety of bottles. There are beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles, and pharmaceutical bottles, so you should use the most suitable mock-up for your project.  

Pouch Mockups

Pouch mock-ups come in handy when doing design projects for food and cosmetics. When using this type of mockup, you’d want to go the extra mile to make it more realistic by paying attention to the type of finishing the real product may likely have. While some pouches have a shiny finish,  others have a matte finish; choose the one most relevant to your project. 

Tube Mockups

Making a mockup for toothpaste or lotion? You need tube mock-ups. These are also one of the most popular kinds of product packaging mock-ups, as tubes are used across different industries. Just like pouches, you’d also want to pay attention to the texture and finishing of the mockup to get a great result. 

Can Mockups

From paint cans to food and beverage cans, the possibilities are endless with can mock-ups. As a product packaging designer, you may have to work with can mock-ups more often than you think. To do that, you need access to high-quality can mockups for your projects. You’d find some of them on platforms like Yellow Images. 

Blister Pack Mockups

Blister pack mockups are used to visualize how a product will look in a blister pack. Blister pack mockups can be created for a variety of products, including toys, hardware, and electronics.

Shrink Wrap Mockups

Shrink wraps are used as outer packaging for beverages, food, and cosmetics. When using this kind of mockup, you must consider their irregular and distinct shapes when placing your design on them. 

Die-Cut Mockups

Die-cut can be in the form of labels or stickers, depending on the product they are used on. If you work with box mock-ups, you’d also want to have a die-cut mockup in your toolbox as well. 

Label Mockups

Label mock-ups are also one of the most common product mock-ups. The uses of labels are endless, so irrespective of the industry you design for, you should have this mockup in your arsenal. 

How To Choose The Right Packaging Mockup

It’s not enough to use a product package mockup; you should use one that is relevant to your specific projects. If you’d be scouring platforms like Yellow Images for premium mockup templates, here are some things to consider before choosing one: 

The Type Of Product 

Different types of products require different types of mockups. For example, a box mockup would be a good choice for a product packaged in a box, while a bag mockup would be a good choice for a product packaged in a bag. You’d also want to consider the unique need this product is trying to meet. For example, reusable wooden containers for an environmentally friendly brand instead of plastic ones. 

Purpose Of The Mockup

The kind of mockup you choose should also be determined by the purpose it will serve. 

Are you using the mockup to visualize the design of your packaging? Or are you using it to test the functionality of your packaging? Is it marketing material or simply for showcasing your designs to potential clients? 

The answer to these questions helps you know the level of quality and detail your mock-up should have. For example, if your mock-up design will be used for marketing campaigns, you can focus on aesthetics over functionality for a more eye-catching effect. 

Your Audience

It is important to also consider your audience when choosing a mock-up template. Knowing the demographic, gender, and cultural beliefs of your audience can help you personalize your mock-up and get a better result. For example, if your audience is handymen or people who carry out heavy-duty jobs, you should make your mock-up template as functional as possible. The mockup should enhance the core features of the product. 

Where To Find Packaging Mockups

The most common way to get packaging mock-ups is to download free templates or buy premium PSD templates from platforms like Yellow Images. Depending on your specific need, you can also consider making mock-ups from scratch using tools like PhotoShop. 


Packaging mock-ups play a crucial role in the overall success of a product. Not only do they help you visualize your product before it gets to the final stage, but they help you gauge the future success of the product as well. You can use mock-ups in the market research stage to understand how your target customers perceive your product before proceeding to the production stage.