Above Majestic is a documentary movie that aims to share a closer look at the origins, history, and conspiracies around the so-called “Majestic 12”.

To strive for an honest review from the audience’s perspective, we decided to watch the movie’s official trailer before adding it to the week’s wish list for the initials. The trailer was awestruck and piqued my curiosity, particularly when the movie industry experts have come forward to say that everything we learned is constricted to program our brain far from the truth.

Later the following night, the full movie was planned and was more than two hours of overwhelming information related to aliens and Majestic 12. The question that bothered me as a viewer the most while watching is true or based on some fictional information.

Vital Movie Details

Let’s know the star cast and the people behind the beautiful and imaginative screenplay. By the way, did you know?

The film was based on the backdrop of a 1947 organization called Majestic 12 that enables the recovery and discovery of alien spacecraft.

The movie was directed by Roger Richards, who also happens to be the co-director of the documentary film Cosmic Secret that discusses prophecies and humanity’s imminence.

David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Jordan Sather are in lead roles in this movie which also starred in Cosmic Secret.

The director’s nephew made the introductive sequence as he was preparing for his High School animation coursework.

Violating it all down

Let’s be completely honest.

The beginning of the storyline of the Above Majestic has been amazingly portrayed, which is truly mind-grabbing. Then, as a viewer, we started to ask what we allegedly acknowledge in these past years.

According to the spectators’ views, it has been considered that it was a very good compilation of storyline with evidence trying to expose the reality behind UFO and majestic 12.

However, the storyline is trying to create curiosity and approach the different levels to be more fun facts about what is happening and over the world, shown in the movie’s climax.

The information presented to the viewers led to delusion, and other people are still waiting for an answer with additional evidence at the end of the movie.

In the other part of the movie, it has been proposed to make a documentary since there were tough points to take and trust.

It’s hard for the viewers to perceive the idea that there was existence on the moon and mars from Germany back in 1939. It might put the viewers in a dilemma to think that, how is that possible? Is the technology back then being as advanced as the technology that we have nowadays?

Moreover, the viewers were aware that Armstrong is the first person to walk over the moon. So, is that well-known fact a lie?

If space invaders are controlling us, why are they not coming forward with them until now? What are they up to? These are a few more awaited questions for extra description, but sadly it was not deliberated in the movie.

On the practical part, the background music is too loud, and there are times that I am having a hard time comprehending the narrator’s point of view. In the beginning, being a viewer, I was watching it using my speaker, but it sounds as per my expectation.

I moved to my AirPods, and then it emerged as better, but yet, there are some sections that I had to repeat to understand it clearly. The selection of music does not complement the sentiments that the movie is trying to convey.

In The End

Above Majestic has an amazing star cast and screenplay though there are many things that they could improvise.

The storyline is thoughtful and can be a lot better if only a proper study and research had been devoted to the purpose of the movie, therefore to be honest, much more was expected since the movie was in the limelight and much brewed by the media itself. Since it was a sci-fi movie, the facts were reliable and curtained, lacking.

It has been seen quite often that the storyline was not smooth. It was jumping from one subject to another without justification of the connections and links. They could have devoted more time and energy to editing the audio and visual effects to make it more realistic and happening.

Though, if you are fond of these kinds of documentaries, you might want to give it a try to listen to David Wilcock’s podcast on other online platforms, and you will find more facts about his beliefs.

Moving further, if we talk about rating the movie, it will make it 6 out of 10. But that does not mean this is from everyone’s point of view. Therefore, I was hoping you wouldn’t take this rating and assessment for granted as it might not the story of my interest.


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