Before we kick off our Action Refund review, we must first explain what a chargeback is and how the process works. In a nutshell, a chargeback is a consumer protection mechanism allowing credit cardholders to dispute unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

When a chargeback is initiated, the cardholder’s issuing bank investigates the claim and may refund the disputed amount. The merchant then has the opportunity to contest the chargeback. If it’s not resolved in favor of the merchant, they may incur additional fees and lose the transaction amount.

It is quite a useful tool to combat online scams, which have been gaining momentum lately. According to last year’s February report by the US Federal Trade Commission, consumers lost more than 5.8 billion dollars to fraud in 2021. It represents an increase of 70% compared to 2020 when the official report has shown slightly more than 3 billion dollars lost to such schemes.

Enter Action Refund, a specialized chargeback company working closely with online financial scam victims. Per their website, they strive to help those in need recover their hard-earned money. To achieve that, the company specializes in accountant forensics and crypto tracing services and, in the process, establishes cooperation with global regulators and law enforcement.

Each member of the team has been hand-picked due to their experience and skills. The company pays special attention to clients’ needs in order to recover their funds in an express manner with as little stress as possible. According to the website, Action Refund served 1,437 clients and refunded over 10 million dollars.

Address: HaMasger St 39, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Nitsba Tower 10th Floor, Israel


Phone Numbers:

AU: +61 350-0167-79

CA: +1 647-360-8379

NL: +31 85-888-8294

IL: +972 79-607-9198

AT: +43 720-880098


Which Types Of Services Does The Company Offer?

Action Refund offers a wide range of fund recovery services to address various types of online scams, including traditional methods like credit card or wire transfer payments, as well as complex trading schemes, fake brokerage platforms, and cryptocurrency scams.

Crypto Investigation

Action Refund’s crypto investigation services aim to assist individuals who have fallen victim to scams. The process kicks off with consultation and evidence collection – clients provide relevant information and evidence, such as communication with the fraudster and transaction screenshots.

The key to solving such cases is technical crypto tracking, i.e., utilizing advanced technology to analyze blockchain transactions, tracking thousands of crypto transfers, and decrypting recipient wallets. Tools like OSINT, CYBINT, and FININT are employed for cyber and financial intelligence.

Once that’s done, a comprehensive report is prepared, allowing clients to report the case to relevant authorities with the service’s consultation. Clients are guided through the process of filing a complaint. The service helps clients draft and submit legal demand letters to the appropriate parties.

Credit Card Disputes & Wire Transfer Recall

As previously explained, When making online transactions with Visa or Mastercard debit/credit cards, you are protected, and you have a window of up to 540 days to file a dispute for a chargeback. A chargeback is a method for your bank to reclaim funds from the merchant.

A wire transfer recall is a process that allows individuals to attempt to recover funds that have been transferred via a bank wire. However, if the funds have already been cashed out, a more extensive investigation is required to determine where the money went.

This process is usually complex, stressful, and may involve coordination with banks in different countries. Action Refund thus offers assistance in assessing the case, collecting necessary evidence, managing paperwork, providing updates, and protecting the client’s rights throughout the procedure.

PayPal Disputes

To recover money from PayPal, the victim may first try to contact the merchant privately, although this isn’t effective with scam brokers. In such cases, initiating a dispute is recommended, which is where Action Refund steps in.

Just as in the recall process, the company can do all the hard work on behalf of the client and communicate with the relevant institutions and actors.

Action Refund’s Approach To Recovering Lost Funds

As stated on Action Refund’s website, the company’s team sticks to a carefully crafted formula when approaching cases in order to accomplish their goals of recovering clients’ money. The chargeback process can be divided into four key steps:

  • Free Consultation – The process begins with a complimentary consultation. During this meeting, the company provides clients with all the necessary information required to start their case effectively so that they can understand the situation and the potential for fund recovery. Clients can ask questions and gain insights into the services offered.
  • Collection of Information – Action Refund proceeds to the collection of vital information. This phase involves the gathering of documentation and evidence related to the fraud or unauthorized transaction to ensure that it meets the necessary criteria for fund recovery.

Clients receive instructions on how the fund recovery process will look.

  • Refund Process – Once the information is collected and the fraud is validated, Action Refund cooperates with the client to determine the most suitable course of action, whether it be taking legal actions, negotiation with the fraudulent party, or engagement with financial institutions. This is done to maximize the chances of success.
  • Protection and Representation – They aim here is to secure the client’s interests while working to recover the funds. This protection extends to representing the client’s case before relevant parties, including banks, regulators, and other relevant agencies.

Feedback From Customers – Are They Satisfied?

At the time of this writing, Action Refund had a total of 551 reviews on Users gave Action Refund an average score of 3.7/5 (average), meaning that their feelings about the company are mixed.

There has also been some back and forth between Action Refund and Trustpilot, with the latter claiming the former is “breaching our terms of use with the way they’re displaying Trustpilot content.”

However, some other sources say that a few fraudulent brokers, such as Trader House and BitTrust are trying to undermine Action Refund due to the chargeback company ruining their schemes by recovering stolen funds from them. There is also a possibility of other chargeback firms trying to smear Action Refund’s reputation.

The whole thing has gotten messy, and as with all businesses, there are bound to be some complaints and negative reviews. The best solution is to read both the positive and negative reviews in order to form your own objective opinion about the situation.

Final Verdict – Is Action Refund Legit?

Cyber scams are becoming more and more frequent and sophisticated, and unsuspecting users are threatened. It is good to have in mind a chargeback company you can turn to in case you get defrauded.

Action Refund’s success cannot be disputed. Many unfortunate victims of online scams trusted this chargeback company and got their hard-earned money back. In case you lost money to some hoax, consider giving Action Refund a call, but be sure to carefully read and study the terms and conditions of how the business works.