Who really has the money to constantly fill their wardrobe with branded items? The cost of living crisis is no joke – cheap fashion is the way forward.

But we admit, sometimes cheap fashion gets a bad rep. So that begs the question – are cheap tees any less good than branded ones? Read on to find out.

Quality Matters

What are the two main factors of the quality of a t-shirt? The fabric used and the construction of the tee. Higher-end brands often use superior-quality fabrics like combed cotton. It’s softer, stronger, and less likely to pill or shrink compared to cheaper cotton blends.

The construction of the tee, including the stitching and finishing, tends to be more meticulous in branded tees. They have more durability and a better fit over time.

Still, this doesn’t mean all cheap t shirts are low quality. Fast fashion is massive – many affordable brands have stepped up their game because customers demand it. You can get really affordable and high-quality tees from online retailers like Wordans at a fraction of the marked price in retail stores.

The key is to know what to look for. Check the fabric composition, feel the material, inspect the stitching, and read the reviews if you’re shopping online – and whatever you do, don’t take the tag off until you know it’s what you want.

Style & Design

Does it really matter what you’re wearing if the style and design look good? To some people, yes.

Branded t-shirts have a specific design aesthetic or unique details that set them apart. Whether it’s a distinctive cut, a signature print, or a subtle design element exclusive to the brand – these features can make a branded tee stand out in your wardrobe.

That said, simplicity has its charm. A well-fitted, plain, cheap tee can be incredibly versatile, You don’t have to worry about ruining it when you only spent $10.

Plus, with the trend of minimalism in fashion, do you really need a bold branded print or logo? No.

Brand Value & Perception

There’s no denying that part of what you pay for a branded t-shirt is the name and the status it carries. Some people take this and run with it. They buy shirts with the biggest brand logo. Maybe they get it from the lucky lucky men in Spain – but the point is, they want people to know (or think) they’re wearing something expensive.

Branding can create a sense of belonging to a specific lifestyle or community (would you wave to your fellow Prada-wearing people?), which isn’t necessarily terrible. For the brand, it’s great. However, it’s crucial to assess whether the premium you’re paying is justified by the quality and design of the product.

Picking a cheap t-shirt doesn’t mean compromising your fashion sense. It’s more about being budget-savvy.

The debate between cheap and branded t-shirts isn’t black and white. It totally depends on the type of brand and quality they’re producing. There’s no denying some branded tees are too expensive, and the quality isn’t even that good, and some non-branded tees aren’t pricey, and the quality is good. It’s 50/5.

Still, typically, branded tees will be better quality. They better be, anyway, for the price they expect us to pay. We’d prefer to find a good quality cheap tee we don’t mind spilling our dinner or wine over. Spill some red wine on an expensive Gucci tee, and you might cry yourself to sleep.