In the world of online opportunities, the prospect of becoming an Amazon product tester can be incredibly enticing. The promise of freebies & discounts in exchange for providing unbiased product reviews seems like a dream job. However, not all that glitters is gold, and basicsprogram com is here to prove that. In this review, we’ll shed light on the deceptive practices of, exposing it as a non-legitimate Amazon product tester platform.

Is Basicsprogram Com A Legitimate Amazon Product Tester Job Site?

No, is not a legitimate Amazon product tester job website. Despite the allure of earning money and receiving discounted Amazon products, this website is far from the real deal. Here are three compelling reasons why you should steer clear of this platform:

  1. Not Affiliated with Amazon: It is not an official Amazon job portal. The only legitimate source for Amazon job applications is ‘’ Any other website claiming to offer Amazon product testing opportunities is misleading you.
  2. Recent Registration: According to domain registration records, was registered in March 2023. The idea that someone has already earned thousands of dollars from this website is highly suspicious and raises significant doubts about its authenticity.
  3. Formerly Known as Basicsprogram has a history of deception, having previously operated under the name These fraudulent websites closely imitate the design of Amazon’s official site, creating a false sense of legitimacy to deceive unsuspecting visitors.

How Does The Basics Program Amazon Job Scam Work?

On clicking the “Apply Now” button on, you’re prompted to submit a plethora of personal information, including your name, address, email address, and Social Security number. While such information is typically required for legitimate job applications, handing it over to scammers can have dire consequences. These fraudsters can misuse your data for various crimes, including identity theft and hacking into your financial and online accounts.

Becoming An Amazon Product Tester: A Step-By-Step Guide

Becoming an Amazon product tester can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to do it correctly. There are two primary avenues for this:

  1. Third-Party Programs: These programs connect sellers in need of product testers with interested consumers. Store owners provide free products in exchange for your honest feedback. While this approach doesn’t guarantee riches, it’s a legitimate way to get free products and help sellers improve their offerings.
  2. Amazon Vine Program: Amazon’s Vine program allows trusted reviewers to receive products directly from Amazon in exchange for honest and unbiased reviews. However, it’s invite-only, and can be challenging to gain entry.

In Conclusion

Basics program Amazon may promise the allure of Amazon product testing opportunities, but it’s essential to be vigilant when exploring such platforms. Protect your personal information and seek legitimate avenues to become an Amazon product tester. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Stay safe, and pursue genuine opportunities to make your online experiences rewarding and worthwhile.


  1. Is Basicsprogram com affiliated with Amazon?

No, Basicsprogram com is not an official Amazon website. Legitimate Amazon job applications should be made through ‘’

  1. Can I really earn thousands of dollars as an Amazon product tester?

While Amazon product testing can be rewarding, it’s unlikely to lead to substantial earnings. The average annual pay for Amazon testers, as of 2023, is approximately $57,058, representing professionals in the field, not product testers.

  1. How can I become a genuine Amazon product tester?

Consider third-party programs connecting sellers with product testers or aim for Amazon’s Vine Program, though it’s invite-only. Always prioritize your data security when exploring such opportunities.