Temperatures are only skyrocketing, which means it’s time to look for other ways to keep cool during the summer. Yes, you’ll always have air conditioning, but simple upgrades like adding a pool can do wonders when it comes to keeping cool in the hot summer sun. Do keep in mind, of course, that pool designs of the future are going to look far different from in the past. You won’t want your pool to always be in the sun, for example. Adding shade and a spot to lounge in the cool shallows will make it so much more comfortable to keep cool even when temperatures outside are scorching.

Adding a pool is step one, then you’ll want to accessorize it and adapt the design to get the most out of your investment by adding these top features to it, or around it:


One thing that you legally need, even if you live in a remote property, is a fence around your pool. If you live in a remote place and enjoy the view from where your pool is or will be, however, then don’t live with those clunky wooden or PVC fences. Instead, open things up with modern glass pool fencing. These glass fences tick the safety boxes and are almost seamless to give you a full, unobstructed view of the world beyond.

A Veranda

You’ll want at least one portion of your outdoor pool to have shade. A great way to do this is by adding a veranda over the top of your shallow end. You can then dress it up with latticework, or even train certain plants like roses to grow over the top of it. Yes, if you grow plants over your pool, you’ll need to clean it up more regularly, but the full effect is certainly worth it. Roses overhead, a cool place to relax, and the sun dappling through? Paradise!

Add Pool Furniture

Heavy furniture that sits in the shallow end of your pool can give you a cool place to relax and cool down in the summer. Keep in mind that it’ll need to be specialist furniture, both so that you can actually sit and lounge on it comfortably, and also so it won’t rot in the water.

Use Plants

Plants work on helping encourage local biodiversity, are important for adding shade to your yard, and so much more. For the best results, start growing trees that will, eventually, start shading more areas of your pool area. You don’t need to cover every inch of your outdoor living space with shade, but you do want plenty of breaks from sunlight to protect yourself from the heat.

Cover Your Pool When You’re Not Using It

One of the simplest, yet smartest ways to beat the heat is to keep your pool cool. The best way to do this without spending a lot on pumping in new water all the time is to cover your pool when you’re not using it. This minimizes the pool’s exposure to the sun, and also traps moisture inside. Try to choose an option that can be done as fast and easily as possible by hand. If it can also be done automatically, great, but if things break down you’ll still want to be able to cover your pool if and when you need to.