Have you received an email recently regarding the Bobbitt Settlement Administrator Valic Class Action? The legitimacy of such emails can often be a cause for concern. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the specifics of this class action settlement, aiming to provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Understanding The Core Elements

The heart of this class action centers around allegations concerning the poor representation of Plaintiffs in another representative-action lawsuit, known as Drnek v. Variable Annuity Life Ins. Defendants, however, firmly deny these allegations, asserting their innocence and stating that they have not inflicted any harm upon the Class.

Eligibility Parameters

To qualify for participation in this action, you must meet specific criteria:

  • You must have acquired an individual variable deferred annuity contract from VALIC.
  • Received a certificate linked to a group variable deferred annuity contract issued by VALIC.
  • Made an additional investment through such a contract.
  • These transactions should have occurred between April 27, 1998, and April 18, 2003.
  • The investment you made should have been intended for the funding of a contributory retirement plan or arrangement that qualifies for favorable tax treatment under sections 401, 403, 408, 408A, or 457 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Verifying Your Inclusion

Should uncertainty linger regarding your inclusion in the Settlement, a thorough review of the detailed Notice and the Stipulation of Class Action Settlement and Releases (Settlement Agreement) is advised.

Understanding Potential Payouts

It’s important to note that not all members of the Class will receive monetary compensation. The quantum of your potential payment hinges on the timely submission of a Claim Form, coupled with eligibility validation based on the parameters defined in the Settlement Agreement.

Should you not have received a Claim Form through regular mail, you can access and print one from the official website. Alternatively, you can request the delivery of a Claim Form by mail. It’s imperative to meticulously adhere to the instructions, duly complete the Claim Form, and ensure its dispatch postmarked no later than October 5, 2023.

Opting Out Of The Settlement

For those opting to distance themselves from the Settlement, a formal letter requesting exclusion must be submitted. This letter should encompass:

  • Complete identification details, including name, address, and contact number.
  • Information verifying your VALIC account(s) during the Class Period.
  • A clear and concise declaration of your intention to opt out of the Settlement.
  • The case name and number.
  • A personal signature.

This letter must be postmarked no later than June 12, 2023, and sent to the specified address.

Essential Note

It’s crucial to understand that selecting the exclusion option bars any future legal action against the Defendants for the same matter and precludes any further benefits from the Settlement.

Accessing Comprehensive Information

While this notice offers an overview of the proposed Settlement, more exhaustive details are accessible within the Settlement Agreement, available on the Documents page of the official website. For any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Bobbitt Settlement Administrator through written correspondence or by obtaining a Claim Form from their website or the provided toll-free number.

In Conclusion

To conclude, the Bobbitt Settlement Administrator Valic lawsuit is far from being a scam. It’s a bona fide settlement sanctioned by a Federal Court. The scope of this settlement extends to individuals who held a retirement account with Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC) between April 27, 1998, and April 18, 2003. You can have confidence that your participation in this class action presents a legitimate avenue for potential compensation.


  1. Who is eligible for the Bobbitt Settlement Administrator Valic Class Action?

Those who bought VALIC annuity contracts between April 27, 1998, and April 18, 2003, for retirement plans could be eligible.

  1. How can I confirm my inclusion in the Settlement?

Review the Notice and Settlement Agreement on the official site for confirmation.

  1. What determines my compensation amount?

Compensation depends on timely Claim Form submission and meeting Settlement Agreement criteria.

  1. Can I exclude myself and what’s the impact?

Yes, but you won’t be able to sue Defendants or receive more Settlement benefits. Follow procedures and deadlines.