Pesky mosquitoes and bothersome insects can turn a peaceful evening into a frustrating battle. The Buzzbug Mosquito Killer claims to offer relief from these nuisances using innovative technology. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into the world of Buzzbug to assess its efficiency, how it works, and whether it truly lives up to its promises.

Decoding Buzzbug Reviews: Shedding Light On Its Purpose

Buzzbug, also known as Buzz bug, is a portable USB-rechargeable device that aims to zap away irritating insects such as mosquitoes and gnats. Promising to be an effective mosquito killer, Buzzbug employs LED UV light to attract and trap pests, all without the use of harmful chemicals.

Functionality: How Does Buzzbug Work?

Unlike traditional insecticides that rely on chemicals, Buzzbug relies on the power of UV light. The device uses LED UV light to lure insects towards it. Once drawn in, a vacuum mechanism is supposed to suck them in, trapping them within. The process seems simple and enticing—yet, as our investigation reveals, there are complexities to consider.

Putting Buzzbug To The Test

To better understand Buzzbug’s performance, we conducted a 10-hour test. Placed on a porch notorious for mosquito and bug activity, we anticipated a reduction in pests. However, the results were rather intriguing:

  • The emitted UV light appeared dim and faint.
  • The attraction was skewed towards moths and general bugs rather than mosquitoes.
  • Some insects that gathered around the UV/LED light managed to escape the vacuum’s pull.
  • Upon opening the device, a surprising number of trapped insects were found to still be alive.

Does Buzzbug Live Up To Its Promise?

Determining Buzzbug’s efficacy proves intricate. Notably, this “Buzzbug Mosquito Killer” isn’t entirely novel—it was previously marketed as “Fuzzbug” in 2021. Online reviews of Fuzzbug, as well as user experiences, indicate that the device’s performance may fall short of expectations. While it does manage to eliminate some mosquitoes, the numbers are meager. A user testimonial attests to this:

“The thing don’t work. I left it on all night long in my shop… What a waste of my money.” – Steve

The Deeper Truth: Scientific Insights

The effectiveness of bug zappers like Buzzbug hinges on their ability to attract insects using UV light. However, mosquitoes aren’t inherently attracted to UV light; they are drawn to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. Studies suggest that bug zappers have a minimal impact on mosquito populations. A University of Delaware study found that out of over 13,000 insects killed by bug zappers, only a tiny fraction were biting flies, including mosquitoes.

Pros & Cons: Illuminating The Features

Pros Cons
Compact, portable, USB-rechargeable design. Limited 24-hour operation claims may not hold true.
Safe design without electrocution risk.

In Conclusion: The Glare Of Truth

In the world of mosquito-repellent technology, Buzzbug may appear as a promising option, but a closer examination reveals a less impressive reality. Formerly known as Fuzzbug, this device struggles to live up to its bold claims. The reliance on UV light to attract mosquitoes, which are more enticed by CO2 and water vapor, underscores its potential limitations.

As consumers, it’s essential to separate marketing hype from scientific truth. While Buzzbug might offer some benefits, its impact on mosquito control might be less substantial than expected. Before investing in such devices, consider alternatives that have demonstrated effectiveness, and always keep in mind that science-backed solutions often yield the best results.


Q: Can Buzzbug effectively eliminate mosquitoes and bugs?

A: While Buzzbug employs UV light to attract insects, its effectiveness on mosquitoes might be limited, as they’re drawn to CO2 and water vapor.

Q: What sets Buzzbug apart from traditional mosquito control methods?

A: Buzzbug offers portability and USB-rechargeable convenience. However, its reliance on UV light for mosquito attraction might impact its efficiency.

Q: Are bug zappers like Buzzbug worth the investment for mosquito control?

A: Scientific studies suggest that bug zappers have limited impact on mosquito populations. Exploring alternative methods could yield more effective results.