According to, around 21 million Americans have at least one addiction but only 10-percent of the addicted seek and receive treatment. Recovering from addiction is a difficult and often lengthy process, but it can be a meaningful and productive journey when treated by one of the best recovery centers. With a variety of treatment options, it is critical to find the ideal facility that meets your or your loved one’s needs. When choosing the best recovery center, it is important to understand that the entire facility and process must meet your criteria to ensure success.

Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of the best recovery center!

Accredited Facility

A recovery facility that is accredited is a testament to the center’s focus on rehabilitation services. Official accreditations ensure each accredited facility meets strict procedures and guidelines within the addiction space. An accreditation from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) ensures all patients are given the best quality care to ensure they live a healthier lifestyle.

Customized Care

One of the most critical aspects of selecting the top addiction rehab facility is ensuring the center offers customized care that provides support along each step. Personalized care includes individual therapy sessions with a specifically tailored program to meet each patient’s addiction type. Through a customized care program, the staff is dedicated to uncovering specific coping mechanisms to help patients create self-compassion and understand their purpose in the community and life, substance-free. Coping mechanisms typically include productive activities like self-soothing techniques and exercise to help on the recovery journey. According to the study, Precision in Addiction Care: Does it Make a Difference? researchers found that specific addiction care greatly contributes to each patient’s general health. The study also determined that there is a great need for more personalized and precise treatments to cater to the needs of specific patients.

Qualified Professionals

Highly-trained professionals, such as those found at rehab Alabama-located, are the most telling sign of the best recovery center. Professionally-trained staff includes therapists, counselors, and other employees who regularly interact with patients. These employees are trained and certified to help restore the spirit of the addicted while setting them on a path to recovery. The best-staffed facilities also have psychologists, dietitians, registered nurses, and medical doctors on staff. Well-trained professionals provide a variety of family, group, and individual counseling sessions to help patients cope during painful and difficult moments.

The purpose of the high-quality staff is to create a community of expertise and support for all patients entering the facility. Employees can empathize with each patient’s journey will developing a personalized recovery plan to overcome addiction and avoid a future relapse. These professionals are tailored to all individual’s addictions and ensure success, post-treatment.

Treatment Options

Top recovery facilities offer a variety of treatment options that ensure a “whole-bodied” approach. These may include gender-specific programs, a faith-based approach, residential inpatient treatment, individual and group care, family therapy, or a variety of other options, many of which are combined. The goal is to provide patients with a meaningful and well-rounded experience throughout the recovery process.

Recovery centers with programs that offer various treatment options help patients recover using a variety of techniques. These step-by-step programs ensure every individual is cared for at the highest level while supporting them through every challenging moment.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a recovery center, you can shop around to understand which meets your needs. You can visit the location and speak to the staff to determine their professionalism and approach! This will ensure you find the best available recovery options!