E-commerce websites have exceeded unexpected growth with the edges it serves; however, this also led to consequences with negative aspects taking advantage of people’s dependency on online shopping websites; some fraudsters have come up with the planning of scams websites. 

In this light, this article will state the important information to come up with whether Crigne’s website is legit or a scam. 

What Is Crigne.com?

A US-based online apparel store called Crigne predominantly sells to elderly ladies. They provide various products, including dresses, shirts, and casual clothing. Crigne asserts that it offers products to consumers worldwide with its high-quality items at highly competitive pricing.

Additionally, as per their webpage, Crigne.com says they are also focused on treating their workers well by giving them livable wages. Crigne says they choose to only work with other brands and designers that provide fair treatment and pay to their employees. Additionally, Crigne also claims to donate a small part of its annual revenue to charities worldwide to help end poverty.

Is Crigne A Legitimate Store Or Scam?

Checking the age of a domain can help determine if a business is legitimate. In the case of Crigne, their domain was created just 6 months and 26 days ago, making them a relatively new retailer. This raises doubts about their reliability, as scams often use new domains. 

Another indication that Crigne is not legitimate is that they have used photos plagiarized from other websites. This is a significant warning sign commonly seen with scams. Furthermore, we noticed that Crigne’s “About Us” section on their homepage is a direct copy-paste from another brand called Capatee. These further question their credibility. 

Scam-adviser.com rates Crigne very poorly, scoring 19 out of 100, indicating a high likelihood of it being a scam. This low rating strongly suggests that Crigne needs to be more trustworthy. 

However, Crigne provides detailed contact information on its website, including an email and phone number. 

On a positive note, Crigne’s website has a valid HTTPS, indicating a secure connection, and has not been blacklisted by any search engines. 

Does Crigne Accept Returns Or Offer Refunds?

Based on the returns policy on its website, Crigne allows returns of its products between 30 days of delivery. According to them, they process the refund or exchange within 7 days of receiving the product. However, they state that they will only accept the return request in the presence of customer service authorization. A purchase order receipt must also be shown upon the eligibility for your return request. Additionally, the product’s packaging should be intact in its original perspective, indicating no damage or usage. 

Shipping And Cancellation 

Crigne offers free shipping for orders over $79. Two shipping options are available: postal shipping, which takes 20 business days for delivery, and express shipping, which takes 15 business days. 

According to the cancellation policy, you can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it without any additional charges. However, if you cancel your order between the 24-hour mark and the shipping time, a 10 percent cancellation fee will apply. Once the order has been shipped, cancellation is no longer possible. If you still wish to return the product after delivery, you’ll need to contact their customer service for a return authorization. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Crigne on Trustpilot.com are a mix of positive and negative. Some negative reviews mention that the products received did not match the description in terms of fabric, design, and quality. Customers also complained about long delivery times. 

Positive Aspects

  • They have a valid HTTPS and SSL certificate
  • Provide contact information on their website
  • Have active social media accounts 

 Negative Aspects  

  • Their trust score on scamadviser.com is low, indicating potential concerns
  • Some of the product photos on their website have been plagiarized from other websites
  • There are negative reviews about Crigne on Trustpilot.com

Should You Buy From Crigne?

In our opinion, Crigne is not a trustworthy store. They have copied information from another brand’s “about us” section and used photos from other retailers without permission. This indicates that they are likely a scam. 

If you decide to purchase from Crigne.com, you should know that risks are involved. We don’t believe you will have a positive shopping experience with this retailer. 


What’s the Crigne website’s age?

The website was established in 2021 on the 30th of November. 

Is this website legit or not?

No, this online shop doesn’t appear to be a trustworthy website.

What is Crigne’s shipping policy?

Their shipping time varies on the available methods you select, and the final shipping cost is based on country or origin.