Online shopping from sites like Crowdfused has revolutionized the way we purchase goods, offering a level of convenience and accessibility that was unimaginable just a few decades ago. However, it’s not without its risks, and this is especially true when dealing with websites that may not have the best intentions. In this in-depth Crowdfused reviews article, we’ll thoroughly examine the platform to determine is Crowdfused legit or a potential scam.

About is an online store that presents itself as an extensive marketplace offering a diverse range of products. From storage bookcases to speakers and bulk beds, it appears to cater to various consumer needs. However, beneath this facade of a legitimate e-commerce platform, several concerning aspects raise questions about its credibility and trustworthiness. It’s imperative for potential customers to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before considering this website for their online shopping needs.

Crowdfused Reviews: Points Of Caution

When considering shopping on, it’s essential to be aware of several concerning factors and red flags that cast doubt on the legitimacy and safety of this online store. Here are some critical points to be cautious about:

Fake Business Address

The website claims to have a business address at “619 Honey Creek Ln, Hinesville, GA, 31313.” But this address doesn’t seem to belong to a real business. It’s actually a house, not a store. This raises doubts about whether is Crowdfused legit place to shop.

No Customer Support

Good online stores have ways for you to get help if you have questions or problems. Unfortunately, doesn’t provide an email address or phone number for customer inquiries. This means you can’t easily get in touch with them for help.

No Social Media Presence

Legit businesses often use social media to connect with customers and build trust. However, this website is missing any links to social media. This is unusual and suggests that the people behind the store may not want to be seen on these platforms.

Lack Of Security

Staying safe online is essential, especially when you’re giving out personal and financial information. doesn’t have trusted security badges like McAfee or Norton. Without these, the site may be more vulnerable to hackers and data breaches.

Final Word: Crowdfused Legit

Crowdfused reviews show that the website raises serious concerns with a fake address, no customer support, social media absence, and inadequate security. It lacks the credibility needed for safe online shopping. Caution is essential, as it exhibits similarities to suspicious online stores, leaving customers disappointed and skeptical. To ensure a secure shopping experience, it’s wise to choose well-established, reputable retailers with a track record of satisfied customers and robust security measures. When unsure about an online store’s legitimacy, consult trustworthy reviews for valuable insights. Extreme caution is advisable when considering, with exploration of more reliable alternatives to prevent potential frustration and financial loss.


Q: Is a safe online store to shop from?

A: The platform raises significant concerns due to a fake business address, lack of customer support, and inadequate security, making it advisable to exercise caution when considering purchases.

Q: Is it active on social media?

A: No, it conspicuously lacks any social media presence, which raises suspicion about its legitimacy.

Q: Is the personal and financial data of customers safe?

A: Crowdfused lacks proper security measures, such as trusted security badges like McAfee or Norton, making it potentially unsafe for customer data.

Q: What precautions should I take when considering a purchase from this ecommerce store?

A: Exercise caution when contemplating a purchase from Crowdfused, and consider opting for established and reputable online stores to ensure a safer shopping experience.