Food is love. Food is happiness. Food can bring people together and wash away the worries of a day. The amount of dining experiences available today are staggering, too. Whatever tickles your fancy is surely out there. The setting, the experience, the tastes and flavours are blended and mashed together to make things unique and quench our ever-evolving tastes. Let’s see what is on the menu for today:

Hot Pot

An experience like no other, able to bring people together, sharing all the goodness the hot pot provides for all the savour. It’s interactive, it’s fun, it’s stirs discussion and conversation, and it makes sure the kids won’t have their phones glued to their hands – score! You cook your own food with a delicious broth all at the table, the foods that can be used are almost endless from meats and seafood, to vegetables and noodles, so you can all your daily food needs met! Haven’t even started on the dipping sauces either. A great experience, and also click here if interested in a franchise hot pot

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Come on now. Being able to combine your meals, desserts, and get that coffee or tea buzz all in one place has to be a winner. The relaxed atmosphere means it is a great place to meet friends for a quick bite to eat and a catch up, the prices are usually not sky high, and you can take a nice photo too, if that’s what you are into, as you can get beautifully themed and decorated places that are awesome for those social media posts. Check out this blog for some great information on the health benefits of tea drinking.


Being able to enjoy great, high-quality food that is all locally sourced, prepared and served to you is a great thing. The food will taste great, as it isn’t frozen which takes away some of the flavours, the menu can be tailored to work seasonally with what is available, meaning you can try different combinations of foods you may not have thought about, and your supporting local farms, butchers, markets and restaurants with sustainable ingredients. Seems like a no-brainer to me!


Depending on how much you pay for the buffet, the quality can be questionable, but that’s the same with anything you purchase. Buffets offer you the chance to gorge until your belt is about to break. As there is a wide range of choices of foods available, you can tuck into things you wouldn’t normally try, and you never know, you might actually enjoy it. You can go up and get as much or as little as you want in your own time, so heck, why not make a day of it? A couple of good tips – don’t drink any fizzy drinks (the bubbles fill you up quicker, meaning less food), so stick to the H2O, and limit your carb intake, you’re just going to fill up faster and you won’t get round to that dessert you really wanted!

And please, eat responsibly. Click here for some of the best eateries around.